Is there any argument in delaying PTP for any anything other than technical reasons?

If PTP is ultimately going to happen, but is delayed for political (and not technical) reasons then we should think a bit deeper about whether that is the right thing to do or not.

If the delay is to give people the time to upload their content without it being included in PTP (which I think is an argument made by some) then we have to acknowledge the relatively very small amount of people who will have this choice (ie. people who already know about the project), and the even fewer who will actually want to exercise this right.

Arguably, the sooner PTP is implemented, the sooner we’ll know if it will work as intended or needs to be tweaked. It may be better to address any issues resulting from implementation sooner rather than later, and also perhaps better to reap the rewards of incentivising data (and ultimately bigger and more useful network) sooner too.


@dirvine has said previously that PTP is only a few lines of code to implement.

I’d say we should include it in the testing of safecoin and see what happens. Then let that further discussions in the final implementation, or not implement as the case may be. While the test cannot be equated to the real life situation, it should and will yield valuable data that can inform us so much more than the theories of its success/failure that we have now.



We should have two different networks running; one with PtP and one without. Then we can make the call. We need to know the economic model before releasing to the public!


That is completely mind boggling. That has to make it incredibly tempting. Like a few lines of unified field theory. It describes an economic universe, an alternative to what what we’ve had.

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The reason it takes so little code is that the functionality is built for rewarding APPs, farmers etc. They use core functionality written for rewards, and PTP would use that same core but with different parameters. The few lines are basically function calls.

Of course every node has to have this written in or else the group handling the payment request will reject it. This prevents someone rewriting the software on their computer to reward themselves coins every minute.


Thank you. The ability to play with PTP with just a few lines of code implies a massive fork explosion. People are going to love that.