Is there a way to see how many nodes are in the network, a stats page?

Trying to figure out the node stats for Alpha 2, any one have a count number or estimation?


Part of anonymity is not knowing these things. Also it would require a network wide process to tally them all up and things can change while the tally occurs.

Now having said that if you ran a node then the “address” of the section its a part of can give an indication of the number of sections. Not accurate since the branch your node’s section is in could be longer of shorter than others. But still an indication.

When a section splits a new binary digit is added to the address and if one assumes a fairly even splitting over the network then this is an indication of the number of sections. Then assume a certain number of nodes average in each section would give you the indication of the number of nodes.

For the Alpha 2 network the last figures we were given was 100 nodes run by Maidsafe on datacentre VMs. That could have changed