Is there a way to save data directly to the demo app?

I wonder if there is a way to save data that’s already on the SAFE Network directly to the demo app.

It would be fun, if you can just transfer data to each other without leaving the SAFE Network environment.

Another clueless consumer question:
I know that I’m thinking wrong here, but I thought that it would also be possible to have a website that’s connected to your private data folder (for your eyes only). If there are publicID’s are there also privateID’s?


Not sure about right now, but in the long run it will be as “simple” as sharing the data map with someone. What form that will take as far as consumer end, what it will look like on our end, I have no idea. As far as the tech is concerned - its all in the works.


I’m still in love with this idea of cloning a dapp

The front and back end are completely copied and a dev can build upon an existing idea.

I do realize that if you clone/copy/transfer something to your demo app, that you’ll get charged for the storage, but maybe it could also be a way for the dev to charge a small fee to clone the dapp (if at all possible).

But I guess this is all easier said than done.