Is there a reason a firm like Sony has had a series of major hacks?

Sony was hacked once and lost a huge amount of customer card numbers etc. It was then hacked again to the point that one of its major services PSN was shut for 3 months and something like 100 million customer card numbers were leaked. Then it is hacked yet again this time losing 100 terabytes of internal corporate data and actually getting data centers wiped and servers destroyed (as in hardware failure?) what’s in the news right now isn’t clear on whether the lost data will be recovered. Prior to this most recent and possibly most severe hacking in history we hear the firm was “warned” to change its behavior or face a major hacking. The files to be to be dumped were even referenced. Even with advanced warning its stuff still got dumped. Each seemed like a record setting hack. This last hack certainly made the firm more transparent.

After the first hack there is no way to say it simply had bad security. With the warning it was almost like 4 hacks with enough time to respond each time but it proves unable to do anything. What gives?

Japan has been a US client state. Sony as a corporate transnational has been given something like the analogous task that the US CIA/FBI/CIA performs for the US. Why for instance even as a transnational does it mess with US media policy as its EU head said “When and if MS gets movies will be up to us.” Why is it the heart of the MPAA and the RIAA and therefore the chief pusher behind stuff like SOPA-PIPA-CISPA and DRM paranoia nonsense? Why is it antagonizing what it deems a local nuclear dictator? Why these things when it can’t even manage its security and caves on the release of its propaganda film “The Interview?” Dirty hand Machiavellian organizations end up getting hacked by their own people and in this case possibly people from Canada and the US.

Hollywood has been a client of Sony’s and the demand has been protect our money and protect our gateway control.

Watch Sony try to censor the media and transparency efforts:

“Until shortly before that, Mr. Lynton was hesitant about confronting media outlets with legal action. But the lawyer David Boies persuaded him there was a case to be made against free trade in information that was essentially stolen property. Mr. Boies on Dec. 14 began sending legal warnings to about 40 media outlets using the stolen data.”

So when stuff is dumped to systems like Slur the absolutely bought and paid for useless censorship based media will not be allowed to comment. How typical and laughable. Their true colors are showing.
Don’t say that your cheese doesn’t have rBST in it (apparently proven to be toxic) you must say that cheese without Monsanto rBST has not be has not been shown to be superior- crap like that as the power of money cannot be affronted- firms like Monstanto and Sony might sue. But then you have the POTUS directly criticize Sony when its down. Something must be amiss.

You have a source for any of this? Or are you just speculating?


Speculating and I will change the title to reflect it.