Is there a place with all the information for developers

New here and I think this project is very interesting!

I have some good ideas on services i plan to build for SAFE Network, and have some questions.

1: Is there ONE place with all the information for developers? (Everything is spread out)

2: How is it supposed that the " 15% app reward" will work? (Is it only apps ? or Web services?)

/ Nimos


Hello @Nimos,

welcome to the SAFE Network, glad to have you on board.

We are working on it, it is called and should become the one-stop-shop for everything developers want to know about SAFE. However, this is still largely in development and currently only redirects you to the developer forum :wink: .

This is still largely in discussion (here) and hasn’t been decided yet. Just search this forum for app reward and you’ll find the options that have been discussed.

We are at the moment focussing strongly on getting the network into a state that apps can be developed for if. For sure safecoin are on the agenda and requirement for the 1.0 release, but aren’t sure yet how these will look like specifically. Please join those discussions if you want.

There is also the idea to have a pay-the-producer model, where users would pay “automatically” just by using a specific app (without their need for interaction). This would allow for better (/more popular) apps getting more out of it and incentise good apps, while also make sustaining income for apps that are not growing but have a constant usage and fan-base.

But as said, neither have been decided upon yet.


@lightyear I noticed today that finding the APIs is not made easier for old links. It’s hard to be sure the latest version. is the better one I’ve seen

but note, there’s still Install SAFE Launcher +API detail
and the 1st Google hit for “Maidsafe API” is Home · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe-API Wiki · GitHub
and other links are pointing to a 404 eg

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Thanks for reporting @davidpbrown!

Of course cleaning up also means updating the links (where possible) and I’ll note these down as “needing to be fixed”.

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Thanks for the answers, now I have a little more to read and familiarize myself whit!