Is there a limit to storage space allocation?

On the safenetwork, how much storage space will be allocated to each individual. Is there a limit?

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When the network is fully live and functional there will be no set limits.

Any limits for an individual will be the upload costs (in SAFEcoin). So not infinite but is unlikely to ever be an issue for an individual.

As to how many MB/GB/TBytes per SAFE coin is unknown and the network itself will be determining the costs based on resources available in the network.

Another limit is your internet speed, just how many MB/GB/TBytes you can upload per day.

Another limit is how many millions of PBytes there will be on the network once its a global success. Maybe in the early days it will be in terms of 10’s or 100’s of PBtres available.


In the alpha/beta and test networks though there is a limit. 500 PUTs worth for the recent test 12.

The announcement of test/alpha/beta release will indicate any such limits


Thanks for the explanation.

I was also wondering, if i were to store movie files with a size of say 2.5Gb on the network, would it take a long time to retrieve the file? Considering that its going to be fragmented into smaller pieces when storing.

The current tests only allowed a wee bit under 500MBytes per account (500 PUTs)

The beauty of storing the chunks (fragments) on many vaults is that the data will be coming from multiple sources. This can be considered more parallel downloading rather than sequential like a disk drive. There would be a minor delay of some milli Seconds for the first chunk to arrive, but then afterwards multiple chinks will arrive together with your internet link speed the most likely speed limiter.


Thats amazing…

This Maidsafe project is going to be really huge, like seriously groundbreaking huge. Glad to be a part of it during its early stages.