Is there a farming client already?

Is there a farming app , where you can allocate space to be used by the network , even just as a test.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum. No there isn’t. We’re waiting for Vaults which we can run from home again. When these are out Safecoin needs to be implemented to Farm them. Will be some months before we see that. Here’s a link to the weekly dev-updates:


The alpha is out, but is there a download link where you can get and run the test vaults ?

I can only find sample app to make a simple website.

Yes and no. Some people are running a community network (not launched by Maidsafe) to test Vaults.

But you might be better off to wait another 1 or 2 days for TEST 12c. That way you’ll get a better experience is my guess.


is the vault going to be built in the safe launcher or do people have to download it and installing it apart? just curious. And I have another question about it: will it be a problem to run the vault on a VPS? The bandwith will be much more stable then on my own home computer and will have also lots more of CPU power.

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