Is the use of WordPress.COM resources smart?

I’m concerned that my WordPress + Discourse connection might compromise the inherent safety of the SAFE Network that I’m interested in including in my next site upgrade. Can someone confirm this yes or no.

How so?

The safe network is not related to those packages.

The invite system will not be forever as the features of the network are implemented.which remove the need for the interim measure of the invite mechanism.

I have to assume the inclusion of any new element into a secure network carries an implicit risk of at least unintended consequences. Can you cite where the intersection of two network services doesn’t need to be evaluated for risk of conflict or creating potential vulnerabilities? Why would this network topography be immune to either potential?

I found this being discussed elsewhere on safenetwork in terms of trust relationships over a network.
The answer appears to be that since this network is decentralized, with each constituent alone holding their credentials, it requires no ‘trust relationships’. I really need to see that in practice, specifically in a WordPress with plugins and back office automation typical of the breed.

They are separate networks.

The only point of commonality is you PC. Not even the same browser at the moment.

So its more a question of where you see the interaction coming from.

Wordpress is using the internet and SAFE is its own set of protocols creating a separate network,