Is the SAFE network the ultimate data store for cryptocurrency blockchains?


We hear a lot about how fast the blockchains (e.g., Bitcoin blockchain) are growing and how it poses scalability issues – which in turn may hurt decentralization.

Would it be right to conclude that SAFE network is the ultimate network for storing blockchains thanks to its virtually unlimited scalability, the persistence and security of data, the absence of censorship, etc. ?

Thanks for your ideas.

Have a look at this article, from the personal blog of the SAFEnetwork inventor, might provide some context:

Bitcoin blockchain is not a thing, it’s a design pattern

Ohhh I like this forum software. Was about to post a new topic titled,

Performance enhancement of blockchain coins like bitcoin if stored on the SAFE network.

and this one was suggested.

Yea- I think thats the future. One large advantage for bitcoin I see is faster network sync by either

  • choosing to run a wallet completely on the SAFE network.
  • in the event of wanting to download the block chain the SAFE net download speed should be at a maximum, assuming the network caches .

Any other advantages for Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, and other blockchain projects to move their chains in to the SAFE network? I’d like to fire of a bullet point list when I next talk to a blockchain fan of why they should investigate SAFE network.