Is the SAFE Network the final solution?

When in the HUMAN history everything has been decentralized?

In Africa 150,000 years ago, until about 10,000 years ago, when the first modern civilization appeared :wink: People forget that the modern man has been on the planet for a long time …

Money is a means of reducing aggression … This is their main function from an evolutionary point of view …

There is a huge free resource in the world of unused computer resources on people’s computers. It is a matter of time to come up with projects that will pay for it.

Free will always beat what big money can save from centralization … Evolution is just interested in the efficiency of the system … What is more efficient always wins. Centralization is now effective, but it will change … In most of the history of living systems, everything has been decentralized and will again be, not because of some ephemeral equality, but because it is more effective …

Hierarchy is a way to put order in a group of living beings, it is at the genetic level. When the group of living creatures becomes too big for each member to know each other and to know where the member stands in the hierarchy, it becomes more effective to have intermediaries to control the flow of information.

Decentralized systems allow each of us to know his place in the hierarchy without intermediaries. With the birth of the first autonomous decentralized networks (such as the SAFE Network), the need for intermediaries will disappear … Bitcoin is decentralized but not autonomous, so it is not the ultimate solution to the problem.

With the emergence of a solution that is decentralized and autonomous so that every member of our species can participate in the maintenance of this desolution, the intermediaries will be eliminated …

There is more free computer resource on Earth now than the entire ecosystem of crypto world and after a solution that allows you to participating into the ecosystem with one click and provide the resource you already have (ie are free of charge) there is no way centralization to continue because the free always beats the economy of scale …

In nature the status of the individual is not something written in stone. At the moment, we are witnessing the greatest redistribution of wealth in our history, but it will not be the last.

Still, the world will see unprecedented and unthinkable shocks to date. Centralized systems are not sustainable in the long run because they have a vulnerable points of failure …

Simply, from the point of view of the individual, they look “eternal”… but from the point of view of history they are not, because if it is possible to have a better solution, it will be a better solution… Is the SAFE Network the final solution?


Didn’t you answer yourself? Its not the final solution rather “better” solution than any of the current available ones. Nothing is final and eternal.

Yes, but you know a SAFE will be like a living creature. With AI living in it, always growing together with our species … Or not?

My thought is that SAFE is like “The Internet”. People will use it to develop systems that can be or not be secure safe and useful.

You can for instance build a facebook on the SAFE network that still traps you and takes all of your data and decides what it wants to do with it.

But you can have a safebook that everyone owns their data and decides for themselves how, when, why and with whom their data is shared.

It will be up to the application developers to build the APPs that give the freedom to the people again.

Of course individuals can have all the security and anonymity for storing their files and use “throw-away” IDs for those APPs that don’t respect ones privacy. But for a “facebook” info thief APP people will have to use recognisable IDs if they are to form social network and thus facebook could exist on SAFE. I do hope a “safebook” APP takes off before facebook can have a chance to build on SAFE.

Anyhow back to my comparison with “The Internet” which has existed since the 60-70’s and will still exist for a long time yet, I see the SAFE network itself existing for many decades before it evolves into a much new beast. We may see mesh networking in the next decade being used for transporting SAFE packets.

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