Is the SAFE logo a spinning triangle?

Yes triangles are stable but we know very well it wouldn’t do to have a pharistocracy style illuminist pyramid as the logo. But if we look closely there is the Mobius dynamism and the inner triangle appears to be canting or rotating over its left lower corner maybe like a rotary cam engine?

Opps per Janitor below I meant right corner.

Warren this is a leaked alpha version of the logo which unfortunately was watered down, losing lots of its original symbolism, to end up as the current logo.


Its beautiful, yes it is very much like the SAFE logo, I like a lot!

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Clearly this is a 666 logo. Here are other examples…

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What would we do with Illuminist help.

I’m officially done with this forum. … That chrome one is interesting, though…

Oh come on, they can be real illuminists. That would be a let down.