Is the community getting tired of maidsafe


I honestly can’t say that anyone else could have gotten us this far with a project of this magnitude with as much grace, so. I totally acknowledge what you say @whiteoutmashups but we’re seeing progress and everyone is honest about where we might be. I suspect we’ll know launch when it approaches and I’m hoping this time it will be imminent.

On dallyshalla, I communicated with him and very much tried to understand him and his perspective but his responses to everything were so immature and septic I couldn’t empathize with him. To me I saw something much deeper than what he claimed, personal demons perhaps. One thing was for sure, his timing of an exit or “pivot” was too perfect with the success of his crowd sale. Though I respect that you have a kind enough heart to try to understand his perspective of course.


I’ve been around this crypto space for 4 years and have at least 50% of my pennies in Maidsafe at all times. The space is generally a swamp and makes Wall St. look elegant. Maidsafe however stands out by virtue of “why” rather than “what” it is and I am constantly inspired by the honourable and honestly human team, particularly David Irvine. The forum over the past year has been technically and philosophically above my head but it has matured into a very positive space free of whingeing 12 year olds and constant price speculation. So, I’m content to trust this team, quietly support by patiently waiting for them to feel ready for each step and hoping this great thing we are involved in will fly. I’ll never be tired of Maidsafe. Keep up the good work.


I could definitely be mistaken,

What I remember was more of an after-the-fact comment where he was disappointed by not having a testnet by then, and it really seemed like he was starting to lose faith.

But it could have been months after the fact, it was a long time ago now so I don’t know the date when I remember him saying it. But it was a somewhat gradual process over time for him.

Thanks for the reply though, sorry to bring up any bothersome things like that. Just little things in the back of my mind


I lost a great deal of money last april when I was picking up hints that a release was imminent. I got greedy and took a long position on poloniex. I call it learning money. The lesson I learnt from it, is that the team is very serious about delivering quality code that works. Later, when The DAO unfolded, I understood even better. It’s a matter of professionalism, which is rarely seen in our great new crypto ecosystem. Actually only with bitcoin. All others just make great webpages and marketing campaigns, obfuscate the hard questions and just keep fooling people into thinking how their project is going to solve world hunger and cure cancer.


I quite have the same opinion. A lot of projects have great ideas but fail to deliver working GUI’s for several OS. Most of the time it’s like: Hey, we’re gonna change the world!! Grab our code from github and have fun. This is where most project fail. They can’t deliver a user friendly experience.


What they usually CAN deliver, is a fingerlicking well designed website that fools you into thinking that there’s a bunch of geniusses behind the project. Usually a 3 man team of a CEO, a CTO and a COO.


Yeah it’s amazing!!! Our blockchain technology will solve all your trouble, gives you a basic income and remove CO2 from the air and convert it to amazing clean water for children in need. We are such good people!



Dr Who episodes - look out the corner of your eye, quickly :slight_smile:


And then there’s the big corporations that get into blockchain, because blockchain you know ! Our blockchain technology blockchain blaaarghchain blockbla. They make me facepalm uncontrollably, which is not good if you wear glasses.


How true these words are, even today,


It has been a long time since the last time I checked this forum, maybe 3 months ago, and then I see this interesting question.

As for me, I’m just waiting the API be consolidated before start building things. I have a lot of ideas but it’s just not the right moment to build anything now (at least for me).

The logic of how a safe app is built is under heavy change. For example, if I want to write a tutorial on how to write safe apps, I know that in 2 or 3 months the API design, and thus the logic, will be completely different from now, and everything will be obsolete. So it’s not worthwhile, I need to wait.

For me, as a developer, it doesn’t matter if the network is unstable, it loses data, it has connectivity problems, it crashes, it’s insecure, that it emulates behaviors instead of actually implements it, etc. But it’s crucial to have a consolidated API. With a consolidated API, I can start to think, I can start to project safe apps while the network is actually being developed.

I think that when the safe team starts to build applications by themselves, they will identify things to add/change in the API design and improve it - before this happens, the API will still be very immature.

I believe that the API will be consolidated somewhere between mid-2018 and mid-2019. I’ll be very happy if it happens before, but I’ll not be frustrated if it took all this time to have a solid API. Until there, I’ll be checking this forum from time to time to see how things are going.

So, keep up with the good work safe team. I’ll be here when you are ready.


I definitely think the API will be ready much much sooner than that because it is so important, and many apps like Decorum etc rely on it.

Also the MaidSafe team has expanded greatly with all the mils it has received, and has great people like npm dev @bochaco now working on it.

They are really ramping up how many people they have working on each area, and that will speed things up. They also realize how important it is to have apps, so I think API is high on their list.

Also they are providing basic things for apps to plug into, so it’s not like the API will be super complicated or too too hard. Mostly just core data types, things like that.

But you’re right that real, worthwhile app development can’t really start until the API is solid and quite finalized.

I’m hoping that this new Authenticator API paradigm is the final form :slight_smile:


Also they need the API to be ready so that their new (and very important) Hong Kong partners can start making apps for SAFE, as was announced and is very important.


Depends what you need. The safe-fs API (high level file, directory and DNS etc) is already pretty stable and while it might change, not much I think.

In a month or so I would expect that the low level API will have reached its first solid iteration, so ready for the first generation of apps.

No API remains stable indefinitely. What matters is when people have built a lot on it. At that point it remains supported and often backwards compatible for some time and I think we are close to that point.

Now is a very good time to be building IMO. The first generation of developers will have a head start. Those who follow will also be in a very good position, until people realise this is going mainstream and then from there much less advantage.


in terms of safe-js, do you think those things you mentioned won’t change, even in the face of the new Authenticator?

in terms of safe-fs, it should be much more than just uploading files with those commands; it’s displaying those files (e.g. things like displaying videos), making them shareable / public / searchable, and more. Many of these things I don’t think are possible yet, right?

I guess my main question is: If I built all of safe-fs right now with safe-js (assuming sufficient commands even exist yet), would I have to change any code down the line?


Yeah, I’m glad I only came onboard in early 2015, I can’t imagine the wait being much longer. But then again think of it like this, bitcoin launched in 2009 (10?) and its been 7 or 8 years and still no mainstream. But we don’t give up on bitcoin (well, unless segwit is activated, then I’ll give up) because it works. Since the beginning it works continuously, no hacks, uninterrupted. It grows and improves, and there is progress. Its the same with maidsafe.

Now, I admit going from C++ to Rust is somewhat of a backwards step, and it would be painful to watch. Somethings just need to be left from time to time and checked on. If you watch the grass grow you might get disappointed that its not growing, or some bug ate the root and killed your favorite patch. But in its season it will come, and when it does it will be right on time. What else can be said? If you’ve lost money, my condolences. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone who is serious about crypto that hasn’t lost some funds, somewhere. But if this works, this will be a moonshot like no other. I can’t fathom the growth of the first 10 years of this thing.


There will I expect be some changes related to authentication, specifically how you specify the storage parameters (currently shared/private and so on). But those are minor. I would expect that the remainder (file operations) will remain largely or completely unchanged.

SAFE-FS -- Decentralizing Online Files

is @MaidSafe taking over development of safe-js?

direct my questions that way instead of to @joshuef ?


Speaking for myself, “impatience” was not the reason. I have always been and still am a supporter of Maidsafe. It was the “vision” and the ethos around crypto more generally to de-centralise authority/consensus, enable accountability to the larger community, provide transparency in Governance and give privacy back to the populace etc.
I have been banned from this (private, centralised, non- accountable to either the community or Maidsafe) forum for almost a year (latest ban) for calling to change things and making the case that we should be “walking the talk”.
I believe there are others on the sidelines who are supportive of Maidsafe but prefer not to support this forum for similar/related reasons.
Let’s not conflate support of Maidsafe with support of this forum - they are entirely different things. The community is much larger than this “forum”, which essentially has become just a noticeboard for a lot of people for development updates I think.



missed you man it’s been forever what happened???

Thought you left us! :cry:

EDIT: sorry didn’t even read your whole post lol you explained it