Is the community getting tired of maidsafe


Without asking you to prepare one: sounds like the catchy introduction of a TEDtalk. Maybe go for it when you launched a beta-network?

I think what you say about data retrievability is very true. All will come down to the question whether the data on SAFE are actually safe and chunks don’t get lost.

From your perspective (and I remember we debated a similar question maybe ~2 years ago) wouldn’t topping up copies of chunks (ie 10 instead of 4 per chunk) increase data reliability? (while, of course, price would increase dramatically)


It was said that there will be 8 copies now, but I think it’s temporary


NO! It’s not getting tired of maidsafe! (op)


Alright, I maybe mixed that up. However, I was rather thinking about giving users the choice how many copies should be distributed throughout the network at a different pricing (much like users of other currencies pay different rates of transaction fees) for a different rate of reliability. Then again, if someone was able to scan the whole network it would probably breach security (I.e. if only one file was stored 30 times). Or it would probably not matter due to vaults going down and uput constantly so there is no real possibility to measure the exact number of copies?


nah, not getting tired of maidsafe as long as there is progress. And there is plenty.

What bothers me though is that small and easy tasks are sometimes left standing around for too long. One example is getting the logos corrected as discussed here: I know it’s borderline neurotic, but still.

AFAIK this has still not been addressed although the community has provided corrected versions of the logos. Uploading those versions to the website would literally be a 5 min job…


I’m quite tired of gaining thousands by doing nothing.


Chasing that up now @BambooGarden, apologies for the delay.


awesome :slight_smile:
in case the dropbox links in that thread are expired: just let me know, I shall provide new ones.



Open source works, where is its consitution beyond stuff like GPL3. Still think in holocracy type settings I think you’d want something like an anonymous real time 4-chan style system for decision making to strip away the cult of personality but preserve empathy somehow as @happybeing was bringing up. It may not help that Zapos parent is Amazon. This is one of the reason’s I’d like an emacipatory GAI is it enables FOS. It isn’t the flatness of the system that’s a problem and recognition and reward aren’t that big a deal for mature focused people, but at a minimum there shouldn’t be owners (they are like royalty) and if there are they should extend to everyone working in the organization or retired from it with equal share or share tending toward equality oved time- complicate better to make it owned by no one. Aurhority should derive only from strength of arguement.

Where is the authority or server in SAFE? Authorities are points of failure.


lol, inspirational quote from the SAFE Network API Docs:

Public shares allow the creation and running of web sites, blogs, microblogs, social networks which in turn allow people to share ideas, research, suggestions and hope!

So don’t lose hope guys! Things are coming soon!

(sometimes hope comes from the most unexpected places :stuck_out_tongue: like technical docs)


I think the use of the word “soon” is one of the main reasons why some people are getting tired of the project.


I concur with rand_om. From this late side of my life (post 60) the projects which took ‘burnout’ efforts earlier in my life exacted a high price which I pay now. Pace yourselves, have compulsory breaks and holidays and a happy relaxed outlook, or your lives will be shortened considerably.

It costs us nothing to wait, and we’re all behind you all the way on this huge and wonderful project.

God speed!


It is the mark of a true leader to take responsibility when things go wrong, even when the burden is not entirely their own. David without your vision and leadership there wouldn’t even be a MaidSafe Project to complain about. You and Nick have for YEARS devoted your lives to this project. Few others can make the same claim. No human endeavor is without some setbacks. What is being attempted here is unprecedented. I for one remain eternally grateful. More lives, especially the poor and disenfranchised, will be uplifted by the SAFE Network than any single project since the creation of the Internet itself. This is what is important; not a three month delay. It is perhaps easy to lose heart when things are not going well; but we should all keep in mind how far we have come on this journey. The best is yet to come. The good news is that we are in a better position to make that come true than ever before.


Don’t forget @Fraser and @Viv they’ve been around for awhile now too I believe. Of course we all appreciate the whole team and the new members all the same :vulcan:


All I’m tired of are the people who offer NO support to the project but think it’s okay to come on the forum acting like spoiled children making demands or posting BS to cause drama.


I think the issue is some people have been waiting for 6+ years. The project was rebuilt into crust when just months earlier David was talking about releasing soon way back then. The problem I see is expectations are being crushed over and over; some people are just starting to think a release date will just never come or another project will just beat maid to the punch…


imho building such complex system takes a lot of time and effort. I was not expecting it to happen sooner. I understand though that a lot of people had other expectations in mind and that is might get them tired.

Keep up the good work!


What people don’t understand is that a such perfection system cannot be achieved unless it goes through manifestation. The secret to success is repetition of failures. Safenet has gone through 3 generations. Now it is being written in Rust, with 10 years knowledge on their belt.

Compare that to… ants. It has gone through billion generations spanning out over million of years. It build a caste system to the perfection level. It becomes hard coded into their DNA. DNA is literally a code that gets absorbed by the repetition actions that it choose to perform, then pass it down to next generation.

It’s not about beating other projects… it’s about creating a new tool for us to manipulate the reality, in a network without repercussions. Very much like how our brain functions. We don’t want neurotransmitter become faulty. Otherwise we get brain fog. We don’t want neurotransmitters start hitting other neurotransmitters for sending out “treason” information, right? It is about allowing safenet manifest itself infinity and beyond. Accessible for all. Money cannot buy the realm it seek. Actions builds the realm it seek.


Yes I have to say that this is a very valid claim and has happened a few times.

The main reason I remember why @dallyshalla left was because he really took it to heart when Mr. @dirvine said “launch by New York” (referencing an upcoming conference). And was very let down.

There have been a few occasions over the years (maybe more than I even know, since I’ve only been here 2 to 3 of the 10 years MaidSafe has been around) that have been very much like this.

Either there has been a real disconnect over time between him and the devs on the progress, or maybe trying to tell us what we want to hear (I know what that pressure feels like, it’s strong), or something.

Or what he meant by “New York” was the testnet launch? Which yes, eventually did happen.

This is something I don’t think I’ve really mentioned, but always wondered, as its been a bit of a pattern I’ve observed.

It’s interesting that you bring this up @T824601 , and there are many honest answers to it though. I’m definitely not implying that anyone has been dishonest but I wouldn’t mind someone with more knowledge than me chiming in!


That was in 2014 (In Austin Texas) before the crowd sale where we hoped to launch a testnet. I spoke of test launch in New York a few months later to, as the Engineers at the time really did think we were that close. This was c++ and got to complex, then we battled it, hired experts and eventually I looked for better solutions. so rust in 2015 … I have not been in New York any other time. So it’s a bit of a rewriting of history, but that’s cool. I am Scottish, we have had our history rewritten many times :wink: . If that was the case for Daillys reason for his attitude then it would have been good to know, it’s not what our internal slack messages from him beforehand said mind you, quite the opposite in fact. I am not even sure Dailly even knew us at all prior to us being in New York?

With rust we have been much more cautious, particularly last 18 months to push back at folk looking for timescales as it is really draining to be on either side of a failed milestone, whatever the reason. In any case we just don’t try and guess any more, I think that is better. Instead we try and give as much info as we can in dev updates. It’s the best we can do with such radical technology.

Hope that helps.