Is the community getting tired of maidsafe

I hope you don’t quit too. I put half a BTC into safe-fs.
I’m hoping all good things come to those who wait :wink:


Ditto, I have been waiting since the network was supposed to go live in December of 2014.

What is frustrating is that we don’t know when or even if it will go live. Will it be next week, month, year, or never; we just don’t know. And the devs have been burned before with timelines and refuse to give hard dates.

I have faith that The Safenetwork will happen, but at this point I only have faith and no hard facts. I hope The Safenetwork is released and released soon.


Every revolution has its casualties.



We’re just getting started. Go troll somewhere else.


I’ve also been following the development for a few years, and I am still patiently waiting. It will be ready when it is ready.


I think it’s very challenging for everyone, and I can imagine what it must be for Maidsafe team themselves, working hard and seeing that things take longer than expected by the community and by themselves, anyone who has ever tried to create something clearly knows how frustrating that is.

I’m gonna repeat what I posted in another forum (BttF) about this aspect. I personally support this project not only because of the idea (which potential is just mind blowing as @null said) but because I see humbleness and determination in the people working on it, this is in extinction, I see they are concerned about quality and not just time to market, which I won’t disagree it’s important in a competitive world, but I’ve seen so many embarrassing events caused by companies and organisations giving the highest priority to time to market (just think about 2016 events in the crypto-world).
Can the SAFE network take the approach taken by Microsoft from the very beginning to just deliver things and have the planet to test it while they make money and fix their bugs? I don’t thing so, even that it might have worked out well for them (or for their investors), we all want here something robust, SAFE, and secure, if this is not the perception people get up front and throughout the development of it, nobody will use it for sure; why would you trust this network if their creators and community were so much concerned only about a highly profitable coin and not the rest? what are our priorities? …honestly!
Sooooo many projects focused on having a coin and then finding an excuse for its existence, whilst I believe this project is really not the case.

As I said, I agree this is challenging for everyone, and in my attempt to cheer us up all here, let’s not forget this Italian saying: Chi sa mangiare sa aspettare


Probably quite a few people like me are out there. I am excited about this project and it’s potential but am unable to help code. Most of the ideas have been worked out but what is taking time is the coding and testing.

Mostly why I come here is to check up on the progress of the team. They are pretty good at updating us I think. It would be a negative if people kept asking about the progress and there isn’t much else to discuss unless your new here.

I did make a post a few weeks ago calling them out on their time estimates. I think they should be WAY more conservative but I do believe they are doing their best. It has been a while since the last update so it may seem that work has stalled a bit but that should have been expected due to holidays as the team explained to us several weeks ago.

We should be close to realizing the next major step, distributed vaults. This should create some excitement and we will probably see an influx of new interest. I think the biggest step will be the addition of test safecoin. I’m hoping this will happen by summer but it could be longer. I would be surprised if we have a live network by the end of this year but I think beta release is reasonable to expect.

I expect the forum to get busier for sure. This is the quiet before the storm.


RIP is too permanent. I trust some will return and miss @tonda the most. Keep up the great work @maidsafe. Many of us are just patiently lurking.


I was kinda fonda @tonda

shamelessly ripped from


what bout @smacz , he still around?


I went to lurking mode because atm there is not a lot to say or do. From the progress I don’t expect a live network before 2018. It has to be around that time because money will be running out.

Anyways, since I am reading more than posting, it’s way easier to deal with the progress. I also think that it doesn’t really matter if MaidSafe will be able to pull it offor, because if they don’t someone else did. I wish them goof luck on the journey. I will be there the day when the network launches. I also want to second the impression that MaidSafe should be way more conservative with their estimates.


Meh thanks @dirvine, now I had to get out of bed to respond to this :sleepy:

I don’t think you screwed up, but I know where that thought comes from: the pressure you feel from outside. But what kind of criterion or standard is that.
You did this and you are still doing this with an amazing passion, and there is not one way how things are supposed to be done. The decision to make this huge overhaul was a tough one, but a decision had to be made. I for one am glad you made it. Sure, I’ve only heard about the project a couple of months ago, so I haven’t been waiting too long. But a couple of months more shouldn’t be something to be concerned about if what you gain is so much more!

And another thing. You aren’t pushing our limits. If anything, you’re pushing your limits and I really hope you guys did actually have some real holidays to get your head free from this pressure. You need to take care of yourself you know!

I had a job once where the whole team was so passionate about our goals that we kept working like berzerkers for months to to get ready for the big deadline. Those were the most unhealthy months of my life and I would never ever do something like this again. It’s just not worth it, for nothing. So I hope you can get some perspective on things, because really there’s no point in working yourself to the grave. Just a couple of days ago I read an article about the CEO of Fairphone, Bas van Abel. He had to make a break for months to recover from a severe burnout from all the pressure. It’s not worth it. :cherry_blossom:

Gut Ding will Weile haben, as we say in Germany. And I will personally slap whoever creates even more pressure for you guys with a large trout!

You’re all doing an amazing job and I’m glad you’re doing it your way! Im standing firmly behind you.:vulcan:

/signing out


Tired of Maidsafe? No. Tired of waiting?? Hell yeah! I need this thing like yesterday and the waiting is agonizing. The only way I could become tired of Maidsafe is if I were to see the same stagnation/handwringing as is currently plaguing the bitcoin development world. Talk about development hell! They can’t even agree to change a constant in the freaking code. Now THAT would make me tired of Maidsafe. But over the last year, I look at all the progress this project has made, and maybe its because I’m a developer so I might have a different perspective from say an investor, but I really do understand the setbacks, slowdowns etc. The growth the team is making is solid, the deliverables have been progressively closer to the goal, and with the exception of say, Dash, the stagnation in the cryptosphere has been … painful. So, here’s hoping to vaults and safecoin in 2017!


Yeah where the hell is @tonda?! That guy was hilarious and knew how to party. We’ll see an uptick in activity around here soon. Honestly I like seeing some impatience being vented, might as well get it off the chest now cause we won’t need that for forever but even more so hearing why people rally behind this project. It’s not your average crypto project. That almost fits as a strapline :grin:


He got banned and I think he then tried to come back with other names and they all got banned as well.

I miss him too. :cry:


SAFE may be a long time coming, but if it makes anyone feel better :slight_smile: comparable projects all have their own crosses to bear. SIA seems buggy as hell. You have to buy SIA coin before you can try the system, but the coins don’t get transferred to the wallet and there are weird error messages when you try and upload. The Synereo team has had a fallout and their blockchain looks to be in doubt. Storj generally works OK (although it lost some of my data) but it requires the user to install Node - and it has to be the right version of Node – and it is CLI only, requiring copy and pasting of long hashes in the terminal. So, it’s for geeks only at the moment. Meanwhile, ZeroNet, which is in a slightly different area, has reached the ‘OK, what do we do now’ stage where there are lots of sites but no killer app.

Not to denigrate any of these projects, they’re all trying to do something new and that’s never easy, and they’re all still in the early stages of development, but SAFE has by far the best UI, the best support and the best forum, and progress is being made, so don’t despair!


All his accounts are blocked as he got a permaban.

True but Storj is not that bad aswell, they are now launching a bnk to the future Convertible note sale. And after a round A funding aiming for 12 to 16 million if im right. So far they launched the community software. They are a serieus and doing good mostly they will be used on the background of other websites that offer hosting eventually. So people wont have to put up nodes. Like dropbox mostly is also only frontend.

I think they might get the usage from Megaupload simply cause they have something to use and maidsafe dont yet. Missed free publicity ofcourse.

So not tired of maidsafe but i hope it wont take another year, cause im sick of explaining people its not vaporware.

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We think about Safenet every other day, just waiting for the big announcement to drop. Many do not realize the implementations once this project enters its beta phase and goes live. So do you have an idea when we will be relieved from our waiting to exhale?


Can we expect a blog post outlining, what appears to be a push into the Enterprise space.

I was assuming the commercial side of Maidsafe would bootstrap it’self post launch, but maybe the recent revenue raise has enterprise strings attached.

When you say “I would love to see a real global roll-out” it almost sounds as that has become secondary to the enterprise.

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