Is the community getting tired of maidsafe

Oh no, this is the primary focus for me for sure. We have just released the ability for Enterprise solutions. We will always push the network for people first (SAFE), but can now accommodate enterprise solutions in parallel. So we can respond to calls for Enterprise solutions and also gear up staff to cope with that. Not at the cost of the SAFE network though. That’s what makes it all happen and why we exist.

Sorry if I mislead you there chap, We have folks now chasing for such solutions and it will ensure the company has multiple revenue streams, however they all come from a working launched SAFE network :wink:

No strings but comes with opportunities others can exploit and we can benefit from really. So the Asia partners will build apps, license enterprise solutions and more. We just need to give them the go ahead and that’s happening now. So all good, but no strings at all :smiley:


Hope it doesn’t seem like we’re picking apart your words here :grin: but is the alpha version of software considered enterprise solution or other versions? Is it to be announced? Hope that gains some traction for you guys and you get some licensing. Actually in that scenario is the software lisenced at 1% or does maidsafe charge a fee?

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What is the policy for Enterprise bridges to the Global network. Will they be required to use:

  • Existing API’s
  • Maidsafe to develop enterprise bridge
  • Private bridging API’s considered

Hi Everyone,

I don’t post much here as I’m an investor, not techy at all. Although I keep a close eye on this project. I believe Maidsafe is a game-changer and would like to congratulate and encourage the development team and everyone else involved in the progress made thus far. I think it’s fair to say The World needs this to happen.

If we look at history most large game-changers were made through dedication, perseverance and hard work. The exceptional accidents are few and all the the success stories were sometimes massively criticized along the way. This is normal.

As for those that are impatient or about to lose faith, this is normal as well. I can guarantee you there are investors ready to buy your Maidsafecoins right now, should you choose to dump them at a low enough price. These guys buying will get it right and you will get it wrong. This is normal as well.

So please be patient. I don’t care if it takes until 2020 or longer. Let’s get it right!


With bridges there is no choice, on SAFE then the API’s have to be used. Enterprise folks still want private networks though and that’s fine as far as we are concerned. As things progress and enterprises realise that having workers free to share and be independent contributors then it will all transition to pure SAFE. So less licenses for us, but a better world. We all win from my perspective anyway.

During all of that MaidSafe will entrench even more in SAFE and hopefully create some core fundamental apps, like lifestuff, messaging etc. and if we are good we will earn dev rewards. If we are really good the core dev rewards will be split across many companies, groups and individuals. At least I hope so. The whole BDFL things worries me a little as it works, but feels wrong. We will see how it develops though. I doubt maidsafe will ever leave it’s vision, or I believe staff and supporters will leave maidsafe, and they should.

So initially I see no bridge, but private networks, I could be very wrong though. Enterprise folks would be wise to store data on SAFE and use safecoin, but it may take a few years to get the message across and accounting cycles to complete etc.

It will all be wide open, my feeling is we help folk transition though.


I should add that folks who want to licence the core libs and create proprietary apps can do so, similar to GPL devs developing GPL apps (also able to bypass API’s). so there is a way to bypass the API, but it would be expensive and miss out on the combined effort, it would be possible though. I imagine there would be more GPL devs than proprietary apps, but if there are proprietary apps we want them on our platforms at least. Then we want them to be open.


Thanks David that effectively brings to a close, any speculation of separate paths onto the network from my perspective.


Maybe consider Holocracy, whereby David Irvine writes the constitution for Maidsafe/ Safe Network and empowers everyone else to deliver.

A good constitution is infinitely better than the best despot.

  • Thomas B. Macaulay

Holacracy is a complete, packaged system for self-management in organizations. Holacracy replaces the traditional management hierarchy with a new peer-to-peer “operating system” that increases transparency, accountability, and organizational agility.

Through a transparent rule set and a tested meeting process, Holacracy allows businesses to distribute authority, empowering all employees to take a leadership role and make meaningful decisions.


I think big companies and governments are forbidden to use SAFE in the first place due to a restriction that all data should be stored in a certain region of the world. As far as I know the a German company for example isn’t allowed to store all it’s data on a cloud in the US due to regulation. So a company from the US should provide datastorage for them in Europe. On SAFE all data is stored globally, there’s no way to store it on on region or continent.


Yes this is very true, especially in the EU right now. I feel however, that these groups will have to start to realise that these rules apply to insecure whole data files. This is the problem they have and ties right into our core philosophy here of do not secure the server, secure the data itself. Then the problem “moves” from data readability (logical security) to one of retrievability. In retrievability a good solution is to spread the chunks far and wide plus replication.

It will be interesting to see how this philosophy leaks into the mainstream, I think it will take a while, but we (maidsafe and others) can benefit from translating this knowledge/philosophy to the companies and governments. Imagine going ot some gov and saying, “imagine you had no servers, then who would be able to attack you with cyber warfare?” It may be not only profitable, but from some perspective like EU where their goal is protect peoples data, it all may change to, we must store chunks worldwide.

Then take this philosophy to developing countries and tell them not only the above story, but perhaps more importantly these people do not need to develop costly and eco unfriendly data centers.

Of course none of us know and this is a step change so we all have loads of work to do, but we have an almighty compelling story for folk to consider.


That’s a very interesting point, and one which I’ve vaguely wondered about myself. I just tried to find something relevant to data sovereignty and peer-to-peer in the EU GDPR which comes into force May 2018 but couldn’t see anything obvious. The fine details of GDPR are still being negotiated and it could be that P2P networks will emerge as some sort of edge case, but that’s pure speculation on my part. Anyway, I’ve just emailed a tech lawyer I know so we’ll see what they come back with.


@chrisfostertv have you seen recent reports of holocracy failing?

People didn’t like it because it focuses on efficiency, destroys empathy in the workplace, people burn out or leave etc (rough summary from memory).

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No I haven’t, do you have some sources?

I mainly mentioned it, because it works off a constitution and if your looking for a transition from a benevolent dictator…I’m not aware of any other system that gets close to ensuring a founders vision gets followed through.


Yes, sometimes in the fast moving world of crypto it’s easy to get down. And I myself have been there plenty of times on this project. However, that’s EXACTLY when you have to remember what we’re trying to do.

Yesterday, was such an example, and I saw this and it brought it all back into focus. It’s a Vice New segment on Kim Dotcom and what went down with him over the past decade. There are only a few better illustrations about the inequity of justice doled out by government.


That is certainly true today. But over time I believe it will become obvious that those very files stored traditionally in geographically valid data centers are much more vunerable than files on SAFE. It’s just a paradigm shift that will happen over time. The same doubt and uncertainty existed in enterprises when the first cloud services/apps came out (e.g.


This is the article I read, but I haven’t followed this up:


Thanks, sounds like the general complaint is that the processes in the system are too rigid.

Seems that David is stuck with BDFL, not sure what we can do if he tries to escape :slight_smile:

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This is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience will be absolutely essential. Be a turtle, not a rabbit.

The longer the MAID product takes, the better it will be when it arrives. Just be patient and let David and his friends do their jobs.

The forum is not always exciting if you are not technical. That’s OK. The forum is here to advance MAIDSAFE’s goals. If you want great entertainment, that’s what Hollywood is for.

I just got another ridiculous idea. Why not have a “silly” thread just to keep everybody loose? Post fun jokes/videos and anything idiot. It will entertain the fools like me while the geniuses are doing their work.


And just to give an example of the silly stuff I’m talking about, here is a video of George Costanza quitting his job. I think this is totally hilarious. Everybody has had a fantasy like this at some point in their lives.

I was thinking more about a horse race :wink:

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Yeah, to some degree. You open yourself up to be disrupted by “good enough,” even it’s inferior, if you take forever. Shipping is a feature. That being said I don’t believe this will happen here, just cautioning against “forever is OK if it takes that long” sentiment.

I know because I’ve sadly seen it happen many times in the software industry. Crap solutions beat much better solutions just because they get out sooner.

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