Is the community getting tired of maidsafe

6-12 months ago, maid safe community was full excitement. People where producing media on google hangout. Plans for news letters and project development was all the buzz.

Now the community seems very quite and I think the project has lag on for many people for too long.
I think people where expecting a test network with safe coin test by now and the network to be only needed some testing for 6 months.

Myself I do not know really whats needed to achieve something substantial.


I think it’s more that people are just waiting. There is nothing to do or say much unless we have alot more releases that everyone can jump in.

The best way to check is, whether the visits to this pages are still increasing/decreasing or not changing much. Personally, what they are doing is so complex that as long as they are progressing in a reasonable pace, I am happy.


for me, I’m looking forward to a few things in this order:

  • vaults from home
  • mobile browsers with Authenticator
  • safecoin

These will be truly “substantial.” As someone who makes apps for SAFE, I have seen how far the project has come this year. Yes it is frustrating that everything isn’t 100% done & live yet, but many of the tools now exist for amazing apps to be made right now today, and the project has reached a point where there is much untapped potential ready to be exploited.

Let’s make some apps to show this off!! Very doable ideas:

  • a SAFE Twitter (should be possible / easy with current SD’s?)
  • video sharing / SAFEtube EDIT: DONE. SEE IT LIVE HERE

etc just off the top of my head. Should be very easy and are possible RIGHT NOW with the tools / API’s that MaidSafe has already released


this will keep you busy and will motivate you to prevent your car from getting hacked

@dirvine did mention about the enterprise platform they patented [quote=“justin, post:1, topic:12159”]
Myself I do not know really whats needed to achieve something substantial.

I mean you want others to use the SAFE network,they need documentations why not contribute?


I feel like the die hard community that is less technical is watching quietly because we’re letting the devs keep their noses to the grind stone, keeping a cleaner channel for the developers in this community, though being sure to provide feedback and encourage all development here.

We’ve discussed just about everything to death here for years now! This forum is truly a valuable resource to search. We all are wise enough to know by now that coding isn’t perfect the first time and calls for proposals, discussion, implementation of new designs, bug fixing/refactoring. Time scales are also taboo here. I’ve seen a few regulars come then go but they were quite volatile personalities in contrast to all the others who stay to contribute to and/or support this project.

This project has a great community. Activity can rise and fall at times but I promise we’re always watching. If it seems quiet right now, it’s just the calm before the storm.


just for the record: I read somewhere they are rewriting the code to a better system language by firefox/mozilla research


As is common in the UK, the guys had some vacation over Christmas and New Year. Before that, there were regular updates. Expect things to warm up again as the year rolls out.


Even with a slow rollout or no rollout of the SAFE network I’m still excited because the potential is so great.


I suspect everyone feels a little deflated. It’s our fault as we refactored a part of the system that had much larger consequences than we thought. It soaked up a huge Engineering resource and took us by surprise. Now, we screwed up there and this is my responsibility as we did a few things at once and never fully tested each step. Then we moved the development to the new track and derailed the progress. Several meetings the last few weeks have had people say, I wish we had not taken this route and that’s correct, it was an error to implement a large change in this way. It’s been a good lesson though and forced is to do much more work with other libraries having to cope with writing and backporting code to 2 systems rather that one. There have been some team changes in terms of structure to ensure this is handled much better.

We are pretty much out of that dark place now though and things are looking way better and almost back on track to restart the quicker rollouts of new features every few weeks. We are all desperate to do this and I am acutely aware we are really pushing the limits of our community (by our I mean this one, not maidsafe’s community as it has none).

In effect we went into a coma from the outside perspective for nearly 3 months actually. The patient though has now wakened up again. In house though it has been tough to handle properly and yes the teams involved were as demotivated as many here, it’s all understandable, but probably part of a larger lesson. We will try very hard to ensure such changes are compartmentalised and smooth in the future, this lesson was expensive for us.

In the background though there are lots of things to be upbeat about, Asia looks really promising for us and personally I would love to see a real global rollout across borders cultures and other projects. This is also pretty obfuscated for the community, but I think it wil reap really large rewards for us all, even though some of us will be flying around jetlagged for a while :wink:

I hope this helps a little.


I’ve certainly been in lurking/waiting (im)patiently mode these last few weeks. As always, your honesty about the problems encountered is very much appreciated as is the insights into the exciting developments in Asia. I wouldn’t even say the problems caused by the refactoring are a screw up, if a valuable lesson has been learned, better now in pre-launch than when the network is live!

Best wishes to everyone out there. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what happens in 2017!


@dirvine I hadn’t realised the team have had such a tough time lately. To me you kept us informed and I thought you were just working really hard to get this big change done. It was also, to me, expected that after the series of demos and tutorials which brought a lot of excitement and value, and sent many Devs in the community off to eat pizza late into the night. Also separating the forums has given Devs a useful in depth space that has reduced the amount of discussion here, and given us more capacity for when things hot up again.

So I don’t think you should assume the community are affected by how it has felt in MaidSafe. It’s good to hear about this, so we can encourage you, and show we’re still here, looking to help out and cheer along, or whatever helps.

The forum has been quieter, but lots of people are still here. Each time someone new arrives and asks a question they have been answered soon after by several knowledgeable people each giving helpful answers and perspective. Gone are the curt and unwelcoming “search the forum noob” responses of the early days. Every visitor gets a warm and helpful welcome, and someone else gets a taste of why this community and this project has such sticking power. People notice - @_nur asked exactly that this week.

So why has it been quiet here? The forum is alive, maturing, evolving, and anyway, everything has a rhythm. I think the community has its own ebbs and flows, which of course interact with and are affected by MaidSafe, but not necessarily in phase!

Maybe some are tired. Maybe some moved on (but may well return). Or maybe this is one of those silences that you get in a group, seemingly for no reason all the conversations pause at the same time…and then we all look at each other and laugh :laughing:

Or, my favourite, maybe this is the calm before the storm. Now, David is the man for the storm.

[In case anyone wonders what I mean by that, he used to captain a lifeboat, and has told us on the forum a little about that (so search if you’re interested).]

Are you ready!? :slight_smile:



As a soldier, sleep whenever you can?
Wherever you can find to lie down without being tripped over.


I think we’ve also just reached a natural point in this community where most of the regulars have discussed or read about almost all the big questions and angles from a theoretical perspective. We’re ready for practice over theory now, so these discussions will be carried on by the new influx of interest that’s created by maidsafe passing more milestones on the road to a full network. This group of early adopters will be great to help spread ideas and refer back to old discussions and debates as the community develops towards its next incarnation, but we’ve largely run out of questions now haven’t we? We need new developments and fresh-blood to stimulate new discussions imo. Those two things walk hand-in-hand as development brings in more people.

I think this is indeed the calm before the storm. The spark for the next stage of community development will be a working SAFEnet with vaults-from-home and [test]safecoin. These things are hopefully just around the corner and will create the storm of interest that we’re all patiently waiting for. So yeah, this does seem to be the calm before the storm doesn’t it?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We’re all still here and I’m certainly NOT tired of maidsafe. I’m just ready to start watching it in action and I’ve basically run out of interesting questions to ask… even though I will continue to talk just because I like the sound of my own voice :wink: /chucklez


This is where I am at right now. I still check the forums every Tuesday for the update.


I have a very good Instinct when it comes to business, tech & development. I think the majority of maidsafe followers are the same, or they wouldn’t be here.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I have 100% confidence this creation by david and his team will make major disruptive changes. Most of which we have no idea yet. The platform is being prepared. I’m looking forward to its construction thereafter.

I read an article on today. Some journalist reckons twitter might be dead in five years! Wishful thinking. I reckon two to three at most. Social media is changing in a big big way. And what better way than somethingstrong text as disruptive as a safe network.

My two penneth.


I know there’s a difficult tension with any long running development effort between the community expecting the software and the developers themselves.

I hope no one at MaidSafe is feeling burned out. I’d rather have things take longer and the community be frustrated and impatient than developers leave the project because they’re too burned out.

I have faith in MaidSafe’s development team. I’ve only really been following the project for the past six months, but I’m willing to wait another couple of years for the network to go live.


I’ve been lurking but not posting much because even if there are some topics where I could make some suggestions or contribute the regular users here most of the time take care of that and I(and I think plenty of others) enjoy reading this forum without posting but if I’ll feel the need I will contribute whenever I can if that it’s needed.
Any mistake is good because that’s from where you learn the most and it makes the team even more united+knowledge is very valuable…
My opinion is that there shouldn’t be any rush for new features and so on and the main focus should be on getting a very stable code base on which you can build new things in the feature, like new apps and everything…like a modular design and the code base should be as small as possible and as simple as possible in order for it to be easy to be audited for security bugs which in my opinion are the N.1 threat to this network, we should get something secure and stable at first and after that keep adding layers on that…and if that takes another year I’m willing to wait and I think most of the people in here that are true believers will too. I liked the developer tutorials but I think they should come only after you finish building the foundation of everything and have a stable network.

I want to thank you David and the whole team for the awesome and titanic work you are doing for humanity, I’m sure this won’t get by unnoticed and in time SAFE will shine as the jewel it is(every time I think about the possibilities it blows my mind). From my point of view coding something like this and getting it right its like making an art piece, I have the same feeling I had with bitcoin and there aren’t many times in this lifetime that I feel this way about a project and the community surounding…I hope you and the team the best and thanks for attempting to create something of such beauty.


I have a maidsafe forum link/shortcut directly on my handphone main screen, and i click at it once a day. I dont comment as most of the conversation are too technical for me. Anyway, i still believe in the vision of maidsafe, and im not tired at all! Wish all the best for maidsafe team and im sure the majority of forum community are all behind you guys!


I’m a bit tired honestly, someone needed to say it to keep this discussion balanced :stuck_out_tongue: but I’ve been here for over 2 years and seen many many people come and go.

I’ve stayed, because I trust the team to deliver (somewhat soon!) and because of how badly the world (the entire world) needs this, and how bad things will continue to get in its absence.

We have come a long way, many apps have been made, and I’ll continue to push along with everyone.

But I have to say, I’ll be quite seriously disappointed if a live network isn’t reached this year.

I won’t quit, because of my obligation to the community, but I’m just saying that I’ve been getting used to delays over my years here and really hope to see 2017 pay off.

Someone had to say it :stuck_out_tongue:

RIP great safers lost along the way (out of impatience / etc): @dallyshalla @tonda @bluebird @Al_kafir @ioptio etc


Maybe you want to explore deeper and tell them about safenetwork, I mean that’s how monero goes from pennies to what it is now XMR

if this project is important to them which I believe it is,they will contribute :+1: