Is technology bad or good?

Following the suggestion of @Zoki from this topic please share your findings here about how new technologies are called evil.

Of course there is no evil technology. Technology is just a multiplier of human actions (like money).

If you are a good person, then any technology will help you do more good. And while most people on the planet are good, there will be no evil technology…

For example, roads are used by bank robbers to escape faster from the crime scene. But roads are used by many more people to get to work faster - for example, firefighters get to a burning building faster.

So what technology are the roads - good or bad? Neither, they are simply multipliers of human actions. Similarly, the SAFE Network is a stupid pipe that multiplies the effectiveness of the people who use it…

Electricity in its early days:


Some choice quotes from…

Socrates famously warned against writing because it would “create forgetfulness in the learners’ souls, because they will not use their memories.”

The French statesman Malesherbes railed against the fashion for getting news from the printed page, arguing that it socially isolated readers and detracted from the spiritually uplifting group practice of getting news from the pulpit. A hundred years later, as literacy became essential and schools were widely introduced, the curmudgeons turned against education for being unnatural and a risk to mental health.

When radio arrived, we discovered yet another scourge of the young: The wireless was accused of distracting children from reading and diminishing performance in school, both of which were now considered to be appropriate and wholesome.

The television caused widespread concern as well: Media historian Ellen Wartella has noted how “opponents voiced concerns about how television might hurt radio, conversation, reading, and the patterns of family living

By the end of the 20th century, personal computers had entered our homes, the Internet was a global phenomenon, and almost identical worries were widely broadcast through chilling headlines: CNN reported that “Email ‘hurts IQ more than pot’,” the Telegraph that “Twitter and Facebook could harm moral values” and the “Facebook and MySpace generation ‘cannot form relationships’,” and the Daily Mail ran a piece on “How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer.”

I guarantee – should even place a bet on the following.

We will see articles on the subject of SAFENetwork claiming, “SAFENetwork will harm moral values, users will not be able to form relationships… and usage will increase your risk of Cancer”

Jokes on them though, can’t harm the ability to form relationships if you are already a geek unable to form relationships. LOL


I am gonna play devils advocate and say the good old days were better. Now there are so many things that can go wrong and that totally screws you over. Its nice to have cars but when they break down half way to where you were expecting to be at a certain time it ruins the plan. Its amazing how I can trade things from the comfort of home online, but if I am having internet problems I could lose tons of money and not be able to do anything about it.

The problem with technology is it is like a drug. At first it feels great, but then you become dependent on it.


Penicilin - wouldn’t touch it even once. :wink:


world overpopulated. Before we discovered all these cures and shit the population was at a nice sustainable level. Now we are all going to die because we all live to much.

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I have a surprise for you. 99.9% of everything ever lived on the planet has extinct. If people don’t figure out how to move asteroids, then everything that’s alive now will extinct. We need more people on the planet to find technological solutions to the problems…


I would rather have a 60 million year run then risk some like antimatter power source that can move a moon sized object out of our path.

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We definitely need a backup plan, but what do you prefer, you and your loved ones to live longer thanks to technological advancements or possibly someone on Mars to survive if the Earth is destroyed?

But who will create this “antimatter power source”? The only technologically advanced creature on the planet is human… Whit more people on the planet, is more likely the new @dirvine to create this “antimatter power source” :dragon: :mage: :dragon: David can you assemble something in your garage over the weekend? :wink:

just saying each new technology also brings new challenges. Sure it would be great to have some infinite energy source but also maybe bad because someone crazy could just blow up the whole world if it was easy for any person to summon infinite energy. So far we haven’t destroyed ourselves, although we came close in the cold war. Before technology there was equilibrium, but now we constantly stir the pond, and eventually if there is a possible way to destroy ourselves we will discover it and maybe do it.


This is a very interesting topic, but let’s get back to the basics. Collecting marketing material to use when the media attacks us…


The “technology is evil” blabber is usually obscurantist. BUT I also believe that “technology is just a multiplier of human actions” is a cop-out.

There must be some feedback loop of availability influencing the impetus for use. You’re not gonna plan on wiping out a country unless you’re equipped to do so. Technology does have an influence on human actions, and I do believe, in some instances, it can definitely trigger evil thoughts and evil doings.

Since many technologies are a medium of human thought, the technological influence on human actions even grows.

I think the issue is complex and borders on mysticism in the end.


roads are bad;)


Yeah, this is a really deep philosophical topic. This is probably the one area that gives me a little pause with what we are developing here. On the other hand, to me technology is just a natural offshoot of evolution. I discovered a YouTuber, Exurb1a, and he does some really interesting stuff. I would definitely recommend his channel (Bear and Goose comes to mind as a must-watch). He also writes short stories, and more to the point of this thread, The Fifth Science is a take on where all this could be going. If you like this sort of thing I think his writing is very well done (reads like a Ray Bradbury collection).


About this, if anyone wants to see what one possible world looks like in which the SAFE network has penetrated everywhere I recommend Hyperion Cantos - Wikipedia

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I would be more worried about losing all data stored digitally than an asteroid strike. It seems more likely and it would reset progress back by decades. We really need SAFENetwork for this reason alone, especially with write-once non-magnetic storage on archive vaults.

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I was just thinking about starting a thread related to this a few days ago. “Poll: What is the role of optical storage media and how can it possibly compete on the SAFE Network?”


Socrates was actually right.
By delegating cognitive functions to devices, we are actually losing cognitive skills because we stopped stimulating our brains in such functions.

Can anyone remember a phone number these days?
When I was younger I used to remember the phone numbers of every friend and relative. These days no one remembers a single digit because we delegated the memory to our phones.

The same with spatial processing and spatial memory, we used to use physical maps, and our brains had the capability to mentally rotate images, locate oneself in a map and actually use our eyes in the streets to try to remember where we were.
These days we are brainlessly following the directions of a GPS, delegating yet another brain function to a device.
Now we are even dumber in this skill, no one seems to remember even how to get where and how. We gotta check Google maps first…
And this is actually causing some physical changes in our brains, as these regions are increasingly less stimulated.

The next stage worries me, which will be the delegation of actual reasoning to AI. We won’t even attempt to solve problems, we will end up asking for solutions to AI… and we will get it.
I am already seeing my nephews asking for “how to…” and “what is…” questions to Alexa. No research, no pondering, no reasoning, just demanding answers.
If we become duller and dumber in critical thinking skills, we are doomed as species.

PS: btw, in contrast, in the times of Socrates, most Greeks were capable of reciting every single Homeric epics by memory.


I agree with most of what you have to say.
Got any references for the memory-capacity of yer average Greek of Socrates period?

Why is this all bad? It’s would kinda be like being a dog. IMO they are the most “intelligent” species because they have learned to delegate problem solving to humans. Wolves do not have these advanced capibilities to utilize such helpful resources.

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