Is SHIFT a competitor of SAFE?

Hi all, I was doing some research to learn about companies working on decentralized web. I came across some teams doing peer to peer storage (Storj, Sia etc). I don’t think the companies working with storage doesn’t have the depth and breadth like safenet. However I came across SHIFT today which claims to decentralize the web.

The tech behind safenet is beyond my grasp. Can someone please help me to understand how shift is different than safe net? It looks like they plan to release on Q2 of 2017.

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Blockstack is doing the same

Both Blockstack and Shift are using blockchain tech + third party storage. The SAFE Network wraps everything into one (dns, storage, coin and security) without the need of blockchain.

From what I quickly saw Shift has a delegated Proof of Stake blockchain (translation the more coins you own, the more power you have). On the SAFE Network having more coins doesn’t mean more power. LOL the Shift token price sure looks promising for Maidsafecoin holders.


Hi, was wondering if anyone knows anything about SHIFT ?? They seem to be building a similar network like safe ? Any possibility of them pulling it off before safe does ?

hi, i want to know how the safenet is different from Shift decenteralized web. and how come that maidsafe been working on this project for more than 10 years, and they started after that and achieving so much. im sorry i m not a tech guy but whatever i hve read so far. is it a clone of safenet? and as u said that one of the dev Andreas left safenet team sometime ago? wasnt he confident about this project? as far as i know , no one like to leave the successful project and especially when they know they will be successful. cheers

Andreas Fackler did depart but it was out of interest in new challenges :slight_smile: what he did with routing was nothing short of amazing and we’re all big fans but he was in good company at maidsafe. They are a very capable team and growing. For us that have been here for awhile we’ve seen some twists and turns but the overall vision, including the technical details, are all coming together.

I’ll have to check out the project you’re mentioning but what has always differentiated SAFE for me is how decentralized it is. Every node just holds tiny pieces of encrypted data, never a whole file. IP addresses are scrubbed after the first hop so far more private and secure than TOR. Consensus is reached through close groups better known as sections now rather than block chains that require every node to download hundreds of gigabytes or more. I’ll try to update with some good links for you. Welcome to the forum!


thanx a lot and please check out the project i have mentioned above. coz i want to know how we(maidsafe) are different from that one.i hve been reading lot of posts in this forum last couple of weeks.i like this project and i hve invested in it too coz of its uniqueness. but looks like others are trying to copy it in parts imo. may be im wrong. but i would love to hear an honest opinion :slight_smile:

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The info on their website is quite sparse, but it says it is “a blazing fast, dApp-ready, delegated Proof of Stake blockchain with the interplanetary file system”. So it looks like possibly it is an incentivization layer for IPFS looking to compete with FileCoin, using their own DPoS chain instead of Ethereum? Is this your understanding of that project?



also sounds an awful lot like EOS. Given that EOS has raised around US$200MM so far … I wonder if EOS will be the big competitor to SafeNet & Ethereum. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but I’d like to hear anyone’s analyses on any of these projects.

EOS whitepaper:

EDIT … I mean US$200MM!!! WTF man!! that’s an insane level of funding for a software project. Larimar could be working on fusion energy over there for all we know.

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It is a crazy amount of money. Daniel did a good job making steem quick and clean, easy to use and suitable for practical purposes (not just speculators). I guess his track record must have won him the confidence, although the ico bubble is really just a symptom of people trying to find ways to diversify their newfound wealth rather than realising it into fiat and paying tax on it imo. :wink: $200M is a crazy amount, but meh, $20bn for Eth is far crazier too, at least it sounds like EOS will scale if it works. I almost bought in, but there’s just too much going on. I don’t want to spread myself too thin just in the name of hedging every new proposition.

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I may buy in at some point … the EOS ICO goes for a long long time. I’m still trying to figure out if they can pull it off. I don’t get the tech really. I thinking that it’s a platform that creates new blockchains for everything to create a parallel effect and that this somehow reduces the chance of a big attack on any particular chain? Really I’m just pulling at straws here - hoping someone can fill in the details and correct my poor assumptions.

It’s taken MAIDSAFE a long time to get to the point of having a system that would scale … so, while projects like EOS and SHIFT benefit from hindsight (the work of MAIDSAFE), I do wonder if they can really pull off such a feat in the short timeframes they are promising. EOS is claiming only around a year or so (I believe). Certainly with the kind of funding they’ve pulled, they could hire a team that would dwarf what MAIDSAFE has … I find that concerning, because they could just rip off most of MAIDSAFE’s effort and claim it as their own.