Is Safenetwork patented technology?

Just a question out of curiosity. The technology behind Safenetwork, is it completely free and open source like the technology behind Bitcoin(blockchain). Or is it patented by Maidsafe foundation?

If you do a search on patents you will find a wealth of information and a lot than you’d get on xmas day

Basically the technology is patented for protection. This is so someone like google cannot take out a patent and stop Maidsafe from releasing.

The patents were turned over to the foundation and so Maidsafe will not pursue anyone for any breaches and that was not the purpose of taking out the patents anyhow.

Anyhow do the search and read all the discussions about it.


Hmm in that case why don’t they seek a creative commons licence in which no other entity can patent it as well?

Read up before asking

Not enough coverage of the technology. I am thinking that a cc license will only cover the actual code written and not the concepts. And its only a license.