Is safenet DDOS proof?

I remember freenet would get ddosd and the frost client would report it and stop accepting new messages, i think it was more of a msg spam attack than a straight up network congestion attack. I couldnt find anything on this in the forum search, would it be possible to run a botnet on safe and send endless requests for data to overload the network?

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If you keep requesting the same chunk then opportunistic caching will stop you from taxing the network. Not sure what else prevents it off the top of my head.


What exactly happens when a particular file or safecoin address gets DOSed? This may give a little insight. Seems you can’t ddos the entire network but only the groups you get randomly connected to and with the addittion of disjoint groups in routing and data chains then banning misbehaving nodes will be possible. I’m not uber technical but hope this helps :smile: