Is SAFE really that big of a deal?


All this information talk, reminded me of Tom Campbell’s work (Reality is information)

Thomas Warren Campbell is a physicist, lecturer, and author of the My Big T.O.E. trilogy, a work that claims to unify general relativity, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics along with the origins of consciousness.


Yes Safe is really that big of a deal:

How did the Renaissance begin? Through the new discovery and sharing of information.

Martin Luther translated the Bible into a common tongue. He walked down the street from his university, in Wittenberg, to his freinds printing shop: Gutenberg’s printing shop, and started printing the new bible for the common man to read for the first time.

At that point the common man began to realize and interpret the truth for themselves in the holy book. For a lot of Christians the Bible seemed to make very little sense to them. Timelines just didn’t match up.

Thus, the “nefarious organisation” the Catholic Power structure, was broken. The age of enlightenment began.

We are now standing on the grand vista of a new perpetual Renaissance. FREE, uncensored sharing of information is the key.

The evil of the internet, as we know it right now, is similar to the spiritual hijackers of the ancient times.

It is found in the algorithms that are used to profile each of us. These algorithms trap us in an information bubble.

This means that on social media websites like YouTube, once you look up something about a political affiliation, or a news program that you were interested in, suddenly every time you open youtube you get trapped within that same narrow political, sociological and philosophical margin of thinking. is about to create the greatest renaissance we have ever known, and one that cannot be stopped. The open and free sharing of information is the greatest power on Earth!

So this brings me to something that is mind blowing!

Going back into history there have been three renaissance periods. In those periods our greatest philosophical, scientific, and artistic achievements were conceived.

Yet these Renaissance periods were short lived, because the nefarious power structures silenced them.

Once SAFE goes live, it cannot be silenced. It’s autonomous!

This means we will see the human race advancing for the better, like we’ve never seen it before. So I say to whoever’s listening: welcome to the new perpetual Renaissance!

Soon I hope, lol


I like your allegorical way of looking at history. Gutenberg created a new “Information Medium”, making books at least 3 magnitudes cheaper than previous methods. That is comparable to Tim Berners-Lee opening up the Internet with HTML and the World Wide Web.

The Luther Bible can then be viewed as the first Killer-App of the (Post-Medieval) Renaissance.

I agree that we have just started with an enormous new Renaissance. In the 80’s I was blown away by the information that of all Engineers ever having achieved a University degree, more than 50% were then still alive. Given the immense development in the BRIC countries alone, I am confident, that that ist still true!

I live in Germany and my (dutch) parents lived trough the terror of the Second World War, so I am very concerned about the way ruthless liars are once again taking over new media, like the Nazis took over papers and radio around 1930.

My main motivation to participate on this Forum is, that an Internet dominated by just 10 to 12 giant companies is a development I distrust deeply. People should be the masters of their own Data. Trust should be given to trustworthy people instead of to those with the deepest pockets. It should be possible to unmask criminals and liars, without exposing yourself.

I am convinced Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google, with their “information bubbles” and advertiser oriented approach are substantial contributors to the political stupidities we see all around us.

I noticed around two years ago, that Google is losing its usefullness to me. I search the web to find new information, but it shows me ever more old information, things I found out already, things I bought already.
I want to use it to find new ways, not rehash where I have been before. It gets to be like driving a car with a really oversized rearview mirror.