Is SAFE protocol is "only" about individual storage and coins?

I have seen in this forum some articles assuming that free(which cost safe coins) public decentralized DB could be created with SAFE network.
However, I’m doubt what the protocol can offer.

As far as I understood in the wiki, there are two features:

  • Wallet / coins management
  • Vault / farming / secret storage

However, while trying TEST 7, I saw those too:

  • Public files
  • Public identity (DNS like)

Additionally, I’ve understand from the forums that SAFE project is NOT about smart contract or custom atomic scripts intentionally. (I understand and respect why)

To summarize my questions:

  • What is the difference between public data and private data technically?
  • Can a user “subscribe” and share his data with virtual public group, i.e. other users that want to “read” this group would get a list of pointers to subscriber’s shared data.
  • Have I forgot any technical feature?
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The SAFE Network is much more than individual storage and coins. In fact it intended to be a complete replacement of the current Internet, substituting the client-server model by a fully distributed model. Including some advanced features such as Apps, Smart Contracts or decentralized computing.

You have more information in the web and in the roadmap.

By the way, The SAFE Network is big, very very big…


You might get a better overview of the SAFE Network if you go here

Here’s a little technical

This can help you understand data on the SAFE Network better


@Tal500 Keep in mind the test networks are just that, tests. They are pre alpha release software intended to test various features of the network in order to make sure everything is working and to find bugs in the system. They are NOT the complete network. Not all the features have been coded let alone implimented yet. And even some features that have been implemented (for example security and data preservation code) are being switched on and off during these tests to check for the robustness of the network and find additional bugs that could crop up.


Most of them, but don’t feel bad, most people miss most of what SAFE is about the first time they take a look.

SAFE promises to completely change everything about your digital life - replacing the internet, allowing you to store your data securely and giving the world total freedom from censorship. The coin (which happens to be chainless so no wasteful mining, instant txs with no confirms, capable of epic volume etc) is the most meh part of the whole project; even though it blows all of the other crypto solutions out of the water. It’s not nearly as exciting as the rest of it… Keep digging your way down that rabbit hole Alice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. You’re on the same journey most of us took when we tried to get a better understanding of this project. Have fun letting your mind wander over the implications :relieved: The future might be brighter than we think :innocent:


There are so much to do in safenet, we don’t have enough manpower.


Thanks all about info, and sorry for late response! I understand most of my questions now.

I understood that what makes SAFE powerful is the structured data mechanism.

However I those questions remained open to me:

  1. How there could be public subscribing and finding mechanism (see in the topic)?
  2. Can SAFE have more non sum of signing weight contract? I.e script, hashes, … From my understanding about the structured data, the answer is no. I had looked at digipl link to the roadmap, and I see the answer is probably yes. However, I don’t have any idea what is the technical platform for this, it just feel like it couldn’t be only structured data.