Is SAFE Network dependent on computer running 24/7?

I have a few questions about the SAFE Network:
Is it dependent on computers running 24/7?
What if a computer disappears from the network, can that persons data be recovered, or is it lost?
Can I connect my desktop HD to the network?
(sorry for noob questions, just trying to get some insight)

As far as i know your data is schredded to pieces over the network and everyone has those pieces. So if one node fails, the others will have it…like the btc blockchain.

BUT, that is what i know. Correct me if i’m wrong.

here we go with a short video about how data is stored in the safe network =)



as explained in the video - it will still be available


:smiley: soon :wink: … global network with minimum functionality should be available within the next weeks … but no promises :smiling_imp:


Not everyone, but there are between 4 and 6 copies of every chunks in different vaults. The vaults in the network keep in touch with each other, so if a vault disappears the managers of the lost copies are aware very quickly and will make sure new copies are made to maintain 4-6 copies.

for details about the current status you can read the dev update - hope that helps getting started :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for the clarification & fast response! :smiley: I can’t wait unit it is up & running!

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Welcome to the community too BTW. Noobs are very welcome here (I feel quite noobish much of the time and no one has asked me to leave yet).


Hmm, so it can be “easy” to take down important pieces? I’m just thinking, not trolling…but is it possible to take down a copy of someone’s data?

In my opinion it is almost impossible to take it down, but 4-6 nodes for data is imo a small security flaw if you have more details about the network (and hackers know more about “a” network then most of us do.

please discuss…

From what I gather each chunk has 4 to 6 copies spread randomly across the network. This changes frequently so for data to be lost a hacker must be able to take down ALL nodes containing data at the same time.

This means that the “hacker” must know where they all exist and why data becomes more secure as the number of people on the network increases.

Add to this that each chunk of data is encrypted and it’s pretty darn secure imo.

Such a great concept.


Let me try to explain with my limited understanding. Did a lot of research in the past and things change from time to time so some of this might be out of date:

  • First, no one knows the exact locations of where the chunks of data are located throughout the system.
  • Second, no one knows what the data is.
  • Third, when something goes down, it takes a very short time for the network to copy from one of the other existing locations to verify that there is always 4-6 available copies.
  • Fourth, (this one I’m not sure about anymore) the network tries to keep copies in distant geographic locations. Again, help me out on this one folks in the know. This is to prevent a natural or man made disaster from destroying all the copies at one time.

This is safe and secure in my book.

###Great Resource


This is a much better explanation :slight_smile:

It doesn’t do this, the network has no awareness of geographic locations. IIRC the latest farming reward algorithm is pretty agressive in increasing farming rewards when amount of copies fall below 6 due to space shortage. Odds are pretty low that 6 copies would be in the same disaster area.