Is SAFE a place to publish a Website domain?

I’m not totally clear on all the ways I can use SAFE? Can I publish my own domain site here? If so, what kind of technical expertise does it take. I’m not that technical. Thank you.


Hi @Me-5 welcome,

This is a great explainer and can help you best at the moment, it will be fun to try it yourself.



Yes. Yes. Yes.

Not only can you do so, but

  • You own a full domain and by own I mean fully own.
  • No required payments to maintain your domain.
    • There are only upload costs.
      • Which are tiny and will remain so.
      • If I’m correct these costs go to those upholding the network which anyone with a server computer can be part of.
  • You don’t need to set up and maintain some server program on your server computer or pay for it in case you want a forum/webchat/repository/game on your site.
  • There are no server space or bandwidth caps.
  • Your site can’t be victim of DDos attacks.
  • No need to manage your domain ports and addresses.

I have done so already on Alpha2 safe network that recently got wiped.
I forgot if I put it back on.
It’s address should be safe://yropeen.yro

And you can use html if you like, so no real expertise is needed.
You just need to download the web hosting manager the and Peruse browser.

The current standard however is nodejs+Vue.js+safe-node-app, so that should be your option
You can read the tutorial on

I’ve also read somewhere that rust will be the other standard as you’re able to do more with the safenetwork than nodejs can, but I’m not sure if that’s true.


Free as in ownership and any required payments.

There is the normal network costs whenever you create or change your entry. Its called a PUT cost and is about the same as 1MB of memory on a harddrive would cost. In other words not even a cent.


Oh yes, I forgot about. You get to own your domain.

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