Is SAFE a decentralized server?

Answering to the OP:

  1. kindof, yeah, but no. It is actually a serverless network.
    When the words “server” is used it refers to the client-server model in networking.
    It is a P2P network, so every node has a dual functionality and it is connected with everyone.

  2. because it is not

  3. Tor doesn’t store anything. Tor only anonymizes the connection, all the hosting is done in normal webservers.
    And that is the Achilles heel of Tor, webservers can be hacked, and their real IP revealed. There is no decentralization of your data, unless you pay for it and add another webserver.


These questions reveal that you’ve never read any details about the design of the network.
Please go read this article:

Watch this:
The SAFE Network from First Principles:

And watch this:

To answer directly your questions:

  1. Yes, you can store files, stream and “serve” static and dynamic websites. You can build chat apps, email, videoconference, browsing, “hosting”, etc…
    The ones challenging are gonna be real time gaming or any other app that requires very low latency.
    Watch some old sample apps here:
  2. VPN connections are easily detectable, easily banned, and if you are using the wrong protocol (such as PPTP), also easily crackable (on the fly). Also, it doesn’t guarantee anonymity, if the VPN gets a subpoena you are done.
  3. Targeted Ads are the cancer of the internet. The monetization model is different in the SafeNetwork: read about how SafeCoin works. You can make money without selling your soul.
  4. What type of hacks wouldn’t be possible on the SafeNetwork? How about all of them?
    As I said, there are no servers. ALL remote exploits for servers are obsolete. No Apache, no IIS, no nginx, no FTP, no mySQL, no MSSQL, etc…
    DDoS isn’t possible as well.
  5. And this should be obvious at this stage: your data basically doesn’t exist anywhere until the moment you make sense of it reconstituting it with your credentials.
    Sony leaks and Target hacks are impossible in the SafeNetwork.

You could still tailor attacks targeting specific individuals, but centralized database dumps would be impossible because there isn’t one. (Although if hardware tokens are implemented for authentication, it would practically become impossible to hack remotely even in tailored attacks.)


There is no way to steal peoples’ attention in SAFE, and in SAFE no way to control the end user interface. There will be no way to force enclosure access points. And with better search what is the point of ads. In short with enough freedom you have freedom from the market and its limitations. As effective as ad blockers are on the clearnet they will be much more so here. Plus if you allow ad based media you end up with sponsorship which acts as a money based censor and you end up losing your rights as you fill juduciaries/legislatures etc., with shills. It becomes hereditary monarchy over time. But with SAFE gifting economies and new possibilites may open up. I prefer a content model where people pay only after the fact and what they think its worth likely via micropayment or maybe some version of SAFE’s pay the producer.