Is reality an ILLUSION? Scientist says we may be living in a computer simulation controlled by an evIs reality an ILLUSION? Scientist says we are living in a computer simulation controlled by an evil genius

Not new, but interesting the increase and frequency in these sorts of articles.

Am I the only one who thinks we could be living in an organic simulation of sorts and that somehow future AI has something to do with it all?

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Trash journalism exemplified: put “scientist” or “science” in the headline and BANG suddenly it sounds so much more credible.

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Dont be a hater bro, we’re living in a simulation…even The Daily Mail knows it.

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Dude we have a time loop! Our future AI is hosting our present reality!! :scream_cat:

Even better: somebody developed an AI that is now hosting our world that is developing an AI that will start hosting its own world… Who knows if the AI that is hosting us is not inside an even bigger AI??? :scream_cat::scream_cat::scream_cat:

Btw the reason we have these articles is very simple: a rich dork with lots of well deserved reps mentioned the idea, so it became fashionable for the time being.

I’m tipping these articles will increase in frequency as will the science.

Yep, best to filter articles with “scientists say” in their lead-in; just some hack that can glibly string words together, giving some exposure to other, academic hacks.

Sure. The source in this case does not matter.

But there are lots of people backing this theory.

Sylvester James Gates
Elon Musk
Nick Bostrom
David John Chalmers
Neil deGrasse Tyson

To name a few.

The theory is in its early stages, Give it time.

Interesting philosophical question then is how this view is substantially different from accepting the idea of a creator God, other than that religion is now called science and God is called Intelligence and “let it be” is “let’s run this program.”

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Who said it is substantially different?

Not arguing, just pointing out the obvious.

Personally I think it is one and the same thing.

It doesn’t actually answer anything. What is the nature of the supposed substrate that it runs on? Is that a simulation, or not? Turtles all the way down? It is not new.

Yep. Fractals all the way.

How are fractals related to simulation?

A a dream within a dream within a dream.

That’s mere poetry, not even philosophy, let alone science.

Sorry. I don’t actually know the answers to the Universe and life itself.

I do have some theories though.

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I really hate science brought into arguments about the “metaphysical” because it’s simply off-topic, outside its domain, etc: isn’t the whole idea about that “this is the stuff science can’t reach” :scream_cat: ? In a well built sandbox, you can’t recognize you’re in a sandbox…

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Everything is metaphysical or paranormal until science figures it out. The nature of the Universe and life itself is similar. Similar but not the same because I think there is something exponentially and consciously beautiful about it.

Your thinking illustrates the general consensus of many people, scientific people and atheists especially very well. Unfortunately people with this thinking are just going to have to get used it because we are going to see more and more of this coming out, that much I do know. In fact i’ll bet you we come back to this discussion in a year and there will be double the articles and news surrounding simulation theory and hypotheses on this very topic.

There are things science won’t figure out simply because they are not something science is concerned with. For example, science has not much opinion on poetry, has definitely no final say in anything about it, and I consider that a good thing.

Science can also not reach outside the universe. If we assume that we live in a simulation, then (if the simulation is good enough) we can’t reach outside the sandbox – not with science, not with anything; we’re at the mercy of the one running the simulation to reveal anything from the outside and, if that happened, that would be a metaphysical occurrence in the most literal sense, unexplainable by science by definition, as it is the set of disciplines that are concerned with the workings inside the sandbox.

I’m not sure what you mean by “your thinking”, so I can’t comment on this. Also, I don’t believe in either Atheism or Science (though I do use the latter, as it is most applicable for a wide range of things; it is utterly lacking as a religion however.)