Is ProjectSAFE a steady state soluiton?


We face centralizing forces including, latency, no new land and a limit on the number of new people that will be available to build new markets. We have an economic system that presumes we will have access to these things. This results in us being asked to do more work for less pay and having no where to go to escape these kinds of constraints. Austerity is less service for more tax and its more tax taken increasingly from people who are asked to do more and more work for less and less.

We will either reset through the blight of war, which we may not survive, or we will look to steady state solutions. Is SAFE as steady state solution or a growth to blight solution? It is the nature of society to socialize cost and risk, even capitalists society (not austerity,) so steady state solutions are not completely alien. The built in cap on outstanding SAFEcoin looks like a steady state solution.

I suspect people run from strategies that don’t seem to involve growth because its runs counter to our basic ideals about personal evolution, it seems like a straight jacket. But if we find ourselves more pressed up against each other and encountering directive souls trying to push on us more and more it may be that growth is inward. Even “steady state” economy may be continual growth but at an ever decreasing rate.
I’ve noticed that the implicit threat is always that one will take one’s self or one’s money and go elsewhere, but globalism means there is no red light zone and no where to run. We have to face the problems.



Like Richard Feynman said: “There is plenty of room at the bottom” or you could restate that as, with well-managed, sophisticated nanotech, there is no contradiction between a steady-state economy with good and improving quality of life for everyone. My concern relates to Einstein’s comment about needing better thinking to solve the world’s problems than was used to create the problems in the first place - I am not sure we are up to it . . but MaidSafe is a bright spot at least . .



Reminds me of a comment I think by Frank Wilczek about the future being a journey into the cold and small. Nano scale humans or post humans. But I acknowledgr your point.