Is Maidsafe's effect on the Crypto industry not a risk?

What are the thoughts on the effect the Maidsafe netwerk can have on the rest of the Crypto industry ones it gets released? Is the maidsafe network no major threat to a large population of the Crypto and Exchange stakeholders? And is that not a subject that we have to take into account? It could turn forces against the project.

Would you please share your thoughts about this with me?


Yeah, but i would say, that the risk coming from the banks (much more resources/money) is even higher than from other cryptos.


My opinion based on guessing

Not initially. They probably won’t see any more than a bump. BTC has a lot of momentum and so do other real coins out there.

Later on, say after 1 to 2 years then the real coins will still be filling their niche but missing a portion of the incoming money they would normally expect.

Then after 2 years it will depend on how much people get utility from the coin. But I’d say the ones to really start noticing is traditional payment systems and hopefully fulfilling the dream of efficient and cheap money sending between people globally.


Bitcoin should always be collectible, even as all the better forms of money keep coming out in the future.

Like old coins today :joy:

But other than that, yeah, ETH etc are totally dead when better Dapp platforms like something like SAFE comes out



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Perhaps…in the same way that the PC was a threat to the typewriter. You can’t impede the progress of innovation.