Is MaidSafe scared to launch?

Honest question…
“Inevitable” question, as some would say…

We all saw what happened with Tornado Cash.

The US Govt is a powerful foe. It really seems like someone has to be ready or properly prepared to have at least a difficult life, to launch something like SAFE in this day in age… But on the other hand, life for all people everywhere (even those employed by the government, ironically) will only continue to get worse without it.

A huge sneaking suspicion that is perhaps on many peoples minds is that this thing never gets launched, year after year after year (x14?) after year, because they know the possible ramifications, or have been directly told not to, by guys in very nicely ironed suits.

So overly technical updates just get released instead, every Thursday, forever, to a community who doesn’t fight it, because they lack the ability to scrutinize the code sufficiently, and even then it’s hard to scrutinize code without being in internal communication with the authors to see how ideas and concepts flow between repos.

I don’t think this team is lacking in any intelligence at all. Assuming such would be very wrong… in the same way it would be wrong to assume such an intelligent bunch of decently-well funded people could not even release a somewhat functioning full launch candidate in 14+ years!!

So what’s the issue? I don’t think it’s a code issue…

But something deeper…

And if I’m right, I urge MaidSafe not to feel this way. Just prepare, dig deep, and take the step, because the world can change fast, especially if it’s (em)powered, connected, and thriving healthily with something like SAFE…


Public perception might be rough at first, or maybe even not! But times might be turbulent for a bit, as the world adjusts, but eventually people will defend their right to use SAFE with their life and any developers will be total heroes of the people, worldwide. So nothing would be able to touch them


If you follow the publicly run testnets it’s clear that the network isn’t ready for launch. It has many issues still. Great progress has been and continues to be MAID :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but much still to do.

They are of course also concerned with legal issues and they are working to develop solutions to those in parallel.


I would think that the most effective use of time on this planet (our time could be over at any minute), would be to use what knowledge they have to plan & release a MVP very publicly.

The core team doesn’t need to take the whole coding load on their shoulders. There are hundreds of millions of capable devs out there.

MaidSafe’s only cosmic destiny is ONLY to release some super stripped down version that lets people make some truly decentralized apps, and get the world’s attention.

Then the hundreds of millions of devs out there feel a need for it, and jump in to complete it.

If people can access a YouTube-like library of all video ever, or even just a eLibrary of all books ever written (easier on limited SAFE bandwidth), would be enough to capture the minds of the world enough for them to hop in and take over

Don’t take the world on your shoulders, because the world could end up dying there waiting. Just tip it in the right direction

The amount of unfettered research sharing, genetics, longevity, etc that could come from a decentralized SAFE-based internet world is unmeasurable,

But can never even begin without the launch(es).

Some big step out of a comfort needs to be taken soon

That second statement is beyond exaggeration. Most people can’t work for free. And few devs are up to the high level coding ability needed for a project like this.

I’ve coded a few things in my life and I can honestly say, that not just any coder can take on a project like this. The Maidsafe team are fairly elite coders and just getting your head around a project this big is a difficult task.

Still anyone can help out with the code. It’s not hidden away anywhere - it’s on github. Sure there are many decent coders who could help with a project like this but they are in high demand these days and few are actually interested – else they’d be here working on it.

If you do know of some great coders who are interested, I’ve no doubts that they would be welcomed – please share with them and see what they say.


I will try to learn Rust and see how it all works. Maybe I can help with bugs in future, who knows…


If you or anyone wants to look at a useful but non-critical Rust project and have a go at some of the issues as a learning process vdash needs some love :smile:

A priority for me is to get it working with the latest logfiles. It’s probably a few simple tweaks but I’ve not had time.

I may have some soon, either to do that or give anyone who wants to try a helping hand but I’m not sure yet.



It is also a fallacy that adding 1000’s of people can reduce the time taken. Building a building can often benefit from added workers much better than a software project.

But even a building cannot just have a huge influx of workers, some things take time to do and having more people does not speed it up.

There is an excellent book written about this quite a while ago, but the name eludes me at the moment (preparing for a trip). Not for long, its called The Mythical man month published in 1975 and still completely relevant.


Yes, a frustrating waiting game to be sure. I too have noodled on what the increasingly-centrally-governed-monitored-controlled world would do with a SAFE network. Unfortunately, I believe the longer we wait, the more difficult it will become to “allow” this rogue, pirate network to exist, let alone launch.


I’m at least glad to have been able to post that without an “approval” period buffer, and also to not see it get taken down afterwards.

Sign of a community / company that’s truly open to constructive critiques, at least.


It is ok to think like this if you see almost working product, which is for some reason not released.
But in case of SN team have no working product. SN software is stuck in loop of redesigns because of problems found in previous redesigns.
Will some iteration produce result, which can work at least week without crashing? Who knows.

By the way, do anyone see similarities with “Marble Machine X” project? Or it is only me?


Yeah, stuck in an indefinite redeign loop. No idea how close or far away :neutral_face:


And the 2 posts following yours show that we even take on board non-constructive negativity, too :smiley: :smiley:




I was about to “heart” that post!


Alright, what’d he say this time? He’s piqued my interest. :wink:

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Actually I am aware of that feature. My comment was a reference to @philip_rhoades correcting me on the proper use of ‘pique’ some time ago and me asking what @Southside said was just the set up for it.


14 years - wow! I’ve more or less written this one off for coming to fruition from an investment perspective to be honest…and that’s not being delivered in a “non-constructive” fashion or manner.
The Maidsafe Team, undeniably work fastidiously to achieve an ever changing goal, but the continued perception of a lack of hard fact (non industry jargon for the uneducated like me), remains underlying. Do we have access to company report and accounts? I dare say UK Companies House could evidence this, but from a day one shareholder stance, I hear very little from the board other than technical updates. I appreciate Rome wasn’t built in a day, but pretty sure they’d have moved on from the sewers and foundations after 14 years.
All tongue in cheek, but it would be good to hear some real feedback to your very local startup funding community from you, David. It’s been a while?