Is Maidsafe-drive dead?

Maidsafe-drive is a project to use FUSE to make maidsafe accessible directly on your OS via a virtual drive.

Since the project has not been updated since 2 years ago, I’m wondering if the project is dead, or has just been put aside for later?


The network comes first. Drive will move up the priorities as other things are completed, but it is also a candidate for the community as a CEP or as an independent project/app.


I was working on a FUSE implementation here:

I got it to the point where read only access worked, but it needs a lot more work. I put it in ice when the talk of native FFI bindings replacing the REST service kicked off. I expect to pick it up again when things have crystallised further and I have some more free time again.


I worked on a FUSE implementation in Rust as well but I it was more of a proof of concept. I got something that could make and list directories then I was in over my head


I’d also be interested in something where I could keep a (gasp!) locally synchronized copy of selected files or directories. This could come in handy on long flights, if I wanted to watch a few episodes from my favorite anime :joy_cat: Or, shame on me, read a book or two.

Joke aside, it’s a well established component for all similar software, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and the like.

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See also this guy’s new SAFE-VFS!

Wayne, if your are willing to share this code I’d love to see it and have a play. Also, might you be interested in help getting that going again (as a Rust version)?

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