Is it true that Maidsafe isn't likely to launch until the latter end of 2018?


Its been a few months since your update. Where do you see the progress now? Alpha 2 seems like it is coming but i am not sure how far still. Do you see launch this year or next?


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Considering that after this topic started a number of security “modules” have been brought forward, alpha 2 is not what alpha 2 was going to be. Alpha 2 will now have much more in it than was planned. So this delay for alpha 2 isn’t as bad as it might seem.


It’s only a matter of ironing out a few bugs before we hit alpha 2. No new features (edit: beyond the new security modules mentioned by @neo ) are being added to it therefore less chance of long delays. My bet is no more than 3 or 4 weeks before we get a very stable alpha.


Thanks for the update. Do you see SC launch this year?

Do we get to volunteer to test the products?

Thanks. Do you see launch this year?

Do we get to test the product or it is by invitation?

The conditions for testing have changed for each of the last few tests. The reason being that the security “modules” need to be implemented to prevent the spam attacks we saw in one test. Previously the tests were testing new components being added without the need for the security components added.

I’d expect that there will still be restrictions, but if you participate in this forum then I see no reason you will not be included in future. Although you may need to be at forum member (level) 2 to be included. Depending on how the tests go (or alphas) some tests may include forum level 1 members too.

And by the time we have testsafecoin the restrictions should be minimal since (test)safecoin is a major impediment to the abusers.


My guess is we will see Beta launch in more than 3 years time.

That’s living up to your username!

What do you think will take 3 years? Getting datachains working well?

Data chains part 1 is currently being tested.

If datachains part 1 & 2 + node aging go well in test networks, demonstrating data re-publish & network restarts, the beta network will be ready for test Safecoin.

I think the team will be in this place within 1 year, and hopefully less, but I’d be very surprised if it were a further 3 years until these features were implemented and working.


Hi David,

A year is much more fun to know than 3 years. :slight_smile:

Yes, I see a lot of progress since I wrote that. Much not visible because of the need for it to be done in private, and also some delay due to the need to implement temporary security features as Rob said.

I think we’re good, things didn’t develop the way I thought then because of the need to pause the public tests, and big changes in the API, but of which have made it hard for all developers to work, or to show their ideas.

So I think we’re in pretty much the same state as back then, but with a lot of progress on things we’ve not seen yet because it has been done privately or is not finished yet, plus some delay due to doing the temporary security.


Indeed, though it’s just my not particularly well informed estimate /opinion, but I hope In right :smiley:

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Thanks David.I respect your opinion as I know very little about the technical side of things and it is very difficult for us non techos to understand the complexity and hence launch timelines. If your call is correct, it will be very exciting 12 months ahead. It’s so much better to be pessimistic and be proved wrong than the other way around. I can’t work out why the price is so low on a risk reward basis


I think the launch would be somewhere in the middle of 2019 or at the earliest end of 2018 based on the progress I am seeing as a noob. Half of 2017 is already gone and the progress is good as per weekly update. But as the team wants quality rather than hurrying so I think they will take some time to review all aspects of the network. Being a complete new discovery, it might take some time. Well I am planning to hold my maidsafe/safecoins till 2020 at least, lets see how it goes.

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Because very few people understand what Maidsafe are building. And even within the tiny clique who have taken the time to get to grips with it, a reasonable number are pessimistic about an idea with so much innovation in it.

The price is also only low compared to other crypto assets in the midst of a bubble. A >$100M cap is pretty huge for a company with no product in the wild after 11 years. Price is not really a sign of value in a speculative market anyway. Hype and marketing create the demand to support those prices. Most are reinforced by very simple value propositions that the investing public can get their head around easily. Maidsafe haven’t gone that route because unlike 90% of the blockchain movement, they are not trying to piggy back blockchain to a pile of money. This is an antecedent project with an uncompromising goal - security, privacy, freedom, for everyone!

When crypto was just $5bn cap and the community was more discerning and shrewd Maid was in the top 10 for two straight years. It was only when money flooded into all the hype bombs that SAFE dropped relative to them.

You are right though, in terms of the risk-reward profile it’s beyond insane. The market hasn’t wised-up yet, but they will when they no longer need to put in any effort to understand it. When they can just load it up and use it everything will change and then you’ll be dreaming of these days and bragging to your friends about being ahead of the wave buying SAFEcoin under a dollar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wise, even if it launched this year that would just be the start of this epic journey. If it works then the longer you leave it the better most likely :wink:

And RE Op, fwiw, my guess is still a 2018 launch for real SAFEcoin/live network and I have my fingers crossed for testsafecoins at the end of this year.


Most likely, unless there’s some kind of major event that will speed up development. In terms of getting excited about things, it sucks, but really it’s not all that long, especially considering the scope of this project. I’d be willing to bet that by the time the network launches, we’re going to already have some cool stuff on it ready to go.


Thanks Jabba. Can you comment on who would use the safecoin network over the existing internet or private networks. I’m trying to understand why someone would convert to safecoin

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Its not likely that safecoin will replace other cryptocurrencys. What is likely is that SafeNet vill be popular if it works. This is because you can surf and download stuff from SafeNet knowing you are absolutly safe and that noone can see what you download or what you browse. This will be popular for obvious reasons. Imagine watching streamed movies from a SafeNet web site for instance. To add to this, you or anyone, could start a website and publish anything there and noone could ever take that site down, trace who made the site or find out who made the site. So you can make a web site in total anonymity. But in order to do so, in order to upload your website you need to pay Safecoins to the net. This will be popular, also for obvious reasons. This will give safecoins a certain value ofcourse.


Thanks. I wonder if there has been any studies on the demand for a product like Safenet

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Imagine it running accounting software, secure data storage, communication in the private sector, corporations, health sector etc and your eyes will be open in a minute :slight_smile:


No one needs to convert to SAFEcoin. Anyone can earn the SAFEcoin they need for free with resources they already own, so in that sense, it is free and accessible to everyone with some spare capacity of their own to contribute.

People will use it because they can get unrestricted access to whatever information that want (censorship resistant), they can also enjoy true security and privacy.

Patrik said most of it for me.

In terms of demand, well 200M people use bittorent every month, a few million more use Tor, millions of us now use crypto.

None of those numbers are really relevant though. The demand for a new data paradigm would be pretty much ubiquitous if it offered all of these new features and functionality. It has something for everyone. It could very easily just replace the web over the next decade. It’s not really a ‘product’, it is new infrastructure/protocols; if it does what it says then the demand could easily be ‘everyone who interacts with data’.