Is it possible to publish "private folder" data?

Pardon my ignorance, but I would hope that this is possible. Right now when you publish a website it’s only possible for /public/

But I wonder, would this also be possible for /private/, meaning that only you could look at this website while your logged in? I don’t want to sound ungrateful or harsh, but right now our only option with the private folder is to up/download the files. It would be neat, if we could index.html stuff and look at them in the SAFE Browser private. I would think that even if someone has the address to your website, they wouldn’t be able to see that data unless they’re logged in as you.

The less we download and the more we upload and keep data on the SAFE Network, the better it can get for us all.

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I recently submitted a PR for an RFC which, although it isn’t the primary aim, might well allow this. (BTW I had a lot of help from @lightyear so it’s a joint effort really.)

The RFC is aimed at allowing sharing of any data stored in SAFE as a URL (without recourse to a public ID or SAFE DNS).

So you could share your private index.html like this, and if you ensured that all links within the website we off the same firm, I think that would work.

We’ll have to see whether the RFC is accepted or not, and how any implementation goes, but I’m hopeful because it’s a relatively straightforward thing to implement I think, but with a lot of usefulness.


Or the effect is that they would see the data from their own /private. This could be a useful feature, say for instance an APP to help you with your budget, or personal diary or organisator or whatever.

That way the data looked at is always your data and noone else could ever have access.

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I’ve seen this one come by ;-). Great idea, looking forward to a dedicated topic for that one :grin:.


Imagine having medical data in the private folder, in sucha case it would be helpful if we
could share this with our doctor. So sending a token of access or callable token would
help a lot.

Off topic:
I wonder if it would also be possible to transfer data, the price the receiver pays is puts, but
it could become the modern forking where the dev also asks for a charge on top of that.

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I guess I’m confused, I thought this was possible already and was a feature of SAFE from the beginning. I’ll try to find the YouTube videos where David speaks of giving out a link to your pubic data and anyone can just go there to access it.

If it’s in fact not a part of SAFE yet then I definitely think is a necessity, isn’t that sort of why it’s based on REST anyway? I always imagined SAFE as sort of a RESTful way to access data files in a distributed way, if that makes sense?

Then again I’m not a backend guy :stuck_out_tongue:

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David saying it is possible doesn’t mean it is implemented yet, so no contradiction here IMO.

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Not a problem. I am reliably informed that site has sections for all interests.


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