Is it possible to make safe network a sidechain of bitcoin..?

Elements project is all about sidechains for bitcoin by pegging bitcoin to a stack layer of bitcoin,

If it was possible it would create safe coin as token of bitcoin and safe network would need to have a conversion tool depending the supply of the safe token, This what I think in my mind of doing this would be a problem and would make safe coin pegged price to bitcoin price and the price per safe coin would always decreasing as safe coin supply increases.

Unnecessary. There will absolutely be exchanges that will accept safecoin and bitcoin.

It’s funny because this is the same thing I was thinking about asking one or two days ago, yet this thread escaped my attention.

I don’t think the existence of exchanges would make it unnecessary; exchanges are centralized entities, and we don’t particularly like those, right?

Sidechains (if I understand the idea correctly) are a way to “export” some of the coins from a chain, for a while, by exchanging them to a different currency through a contract of some sort. While you can’t do HFT this way, it sounds more robust than using a trusted 3rd party.

But correct me if I’m on the wrong track; I read about it a long time ago, and not too much even then.