Is it possible to exchange maidsafe to USD without changing to bitcoin first?


A quick newbie question:

Is it Is it possible to exchange maidsafe coin to USD dollars without trading it to bitcoin first?

Tx for anyone who answer…

No, unless you know someone in real life


Try on a request. Are you looking to buy maid for usd?? Ask for a pm or start a thread. I don’t think any restrictions here are there @neo or @whiteoutmashups


Not really allow it. This isn’t a trading forum and if we allow it then its an open invite for others to do the same. Also price and trading talk is only open to level 2 members for the very same reason. When it was open we were seeing an increasing amount of the forums traffic being trading talk by traders and this is meant to be a technical discussion forum for all things SAFE.

Obviously people can PM others offering hint hint to sell them maid, and I guess its been said. But no to this in the topics.


Like everyone else has said no. I raised a while ago why the forum does not have a classifieds section. Could run something like that on here easily. Discourse already has inbuilt way to prevent people from posting threads and replies and other limitations based on post count and other activity and then you would add star rating reviews to buyers and sellers it’d be simple actually or someone could just build a local maidsafecoins lol.


hi, and thanks all for your answers,

So, if I understand this right, then the currency maid/usd is not en actual currency because it is depending on the bitcion behavior.

Infact, if I want to compare it to USD, the maid coin and all other coins actually is going up with the bitcion or down with the bitcion, So when the bitcoin is going up against the dollar, we all profit from that.

Did I understad it correcktly?

A MAID coin is just an asset. BTC is an asset. USD is an asset. You can compare different assets against each other however you wish, but you will only be able to convert between one asset and another if a market exists for that exchange. Most coins trade against Bitcoin.


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