Is it POSSIBLE for the Chinese government to block all encrypted traffic hence shut down the Safenetwork?

Hi guys, just to make it clear in this post I am simply asking if this is technically possible, i am not saying if it’s going to happen or is likely to happen.

So my question is, can the Chinese government, if they wanted, block all encrypted traffic from any device connected to the internet by ordering the ISPs to do so? For privacy concerns, they can permit encrypted traffic to certain servers, such as for example, WeChat is like WhatsApp in China and everyone uses it to message others, so the government can basically work with that company and only allow encrypted traffic to that company’s servers, and lets just say everyone is expected by the government to trust that company will not leak any private information, so any privacy concerns are solved that way by making people able to use encrypted connection to connect to a few trusted companies that offer certain services.

If they do this - i.e. block all encrypted traffic to none-government approved servers, they will essentially block all the chinese from being able to access the safe network, is it correct? And is it technically possible for them to block all encrypted traffic?

Theoretically perhaps but I think there would be many consequences that would make it very costly. At the worst it could effectively isolate China from the internet outside, because all websites and Internet services are moving increasingly towards encryption, so what would be left? Just small allowed pipes.

So it is more a question of, could they isolate SAFEnetwork encrypted traffic from all the other encrypted traffic, and would the cost to them doing that justify it? This has been discussed elsewhere, TLDR; maybe, but it’s hard and maidsafe have plans to make it very hard for obvious reasons.


How can they isolate SAFEnetwork’s encrypted traffic from all other encrypted traffic? If they CAN do this it’ll be very easy for them to justify it trust me, I have a Chinese background so i’d know. i mean, they’ll really just justify it using the justification they use right now for blocking Youtube and Facebook, that freedom of speech can cause roit and ruin the country.

But how can they isolate SAFEnetwork’s traffic only?

I didn’t say they could…

What I meant is that this is probably what they would have to do, and that it would be very hard and costly. So at the moment I don’t see it as feasible. But I’m not an expert and it is only my opinion based on basic tech knowledge and earlier discussions.

Yes also if they stopped all encrypted traffic, then all the citizens would easily get hacked every time they enter sensitive info into anywhere online.

Not smart :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the reason https exists

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But can they discourage all P2P by just agressively and randomly throttling people they suspect? At least in the US the new anti neutrality proposal gives them immunity for as long as they announce they will do it ahead of time. And when I say agressive I mean permanent bans by regional providers?

Let’s see what happens and then solve any problems.

SAFEnetwork is going to be hard to stop because it’s valuable for so many - and the more of this that happens the bigger the incentive to get it working.

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Getting scary, worried they’re going back to this war in Iran stuff over useless petrol and doing internet crack down now to try to silence the disent that would stop it. But its staring down the barrel of a nuclear WWIII. And of course elections.

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Yes, me too too an extent, but there’s only so much we can achieve by thinking, and doing is such fun! :slight_smile: