Is it normal waiting in pending status for 24 hours for sending bitcion?


I’m newbie in this world and I just wanted to know if it is normal waiting so much time to send bitcoin from blockchain to bittrex? (I sent 0.07389412 btc )

It’s almost 24 hours and it is still on pending status. Is it normal, Or should I worried?

Tx for any one who answer…

How much did you set the fee as? Bitcoin is having a scaling issue at the moment where blocks are full and so transactions with low fees are taking a very long time to confirm.

well, i actually don’t remember. It was the fee that blockchain fix it automatically.

So, when you are saying “very long time”, can it be days? weeks?

Thanks for your answer…

The transaction ID can be viewed in a blockexplorer (eg and the fee can be seen. Also the progress (confirmations) can be seen.

The fee is very important now.

This site will give you an idea of expected wait time depending on sat/byte

OK. It’s finally confirmed.

Thanks guys for all your answers and thanks for the links!

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