Is it me or is Naval talking about the SAFE Network?


Saw this last night and during the whole interview I’m thinking he’s talking about the SAFE Network, minus the blockchain part of course.


“Owning your own data and identity is a step towards personal freedom” - Naval Ravikant

Totally agree … Go Maidsafe!


It really looks like they watched MaidSafe before starting this project. They have a DNS as well, although they call it a BNS. Looks a bit like SAFE combined with cloudstorage. Welcomed of course. The more projects the better.


It looks like with their DNS you’ll have a reoccurring registration fee.

They encrypt data and turn aws s3, box and dropbox into dumb drives (basically free storage).

Dapps also don’t have any infrastructure costs, because it all runs on the users computer. Very useful for our apps, since I pay for ec2 at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw this interview and I said to myself “He is talking about Maidsafe and at the same time mentions Filecoin” Whats going on here…?


I don’t recall the filecoin part, but it’s obvious that he either hasn’t heard about the SAFE Network or that he hasn’t really looked in to it. The other option is of course that he has and that he doesn’t believe in the project. I’m thinking it’s probably the first though.


He’s probably aware of IPFS which is implementing Filecoin. The overall vision of IPFS is similar, it’s very much a natural progression for what it is but at the same time trying to carbon copy the Safe Network. The more you know about Safe and IPFS w/filecoin you’ll see this. To me IPFS is cool but is not near as safe or anonymous and on and on as Safe is. Filecoin doesn’t touch what Safecoin will be able to do with group consensus on an anonymous network. IPFS will work encrypting client side over the clearnet, you could say that is a disadvantage or an advantage depending on your views but the Safe Browser can also toggle between Safe and the clear net so. Overall the Safe Network is where it’s at, more decentralized, anonymous, more secure with an actual useful currency.


There has been a bunch of these videos and talks lately. Most of it stems from Bitcoins issues.

Now is the time.