Is it bad to have multiple accounts

Is there any harm to having multiple accounts?

You’ll need to clarify your question; Do you mean Forum accounts or Safe Network Alpha 2 accounts?

I lost my password and secret key, so I created another account.

Well, the Network was rest about a month ago, so if your credentials were older than that, it doesn’t matter anyway.

So, just go to after you reach Trust Level 1 again to gain access to the new instance of the Network.

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We don’t accept one person having multiple accounts on the forum In fact the discourse software will block them automatically if it spots them. The reason is to prevent sockpuppet accounts.



According to the Forum guidelines, multiple accounts aren’t allowed.
Certainly if you misuse them to deceive.

I assume you lost your Alpha 2 account secret and password?
Next time this happens or your account status reaches 1000: you should send a Personal Message (via this forum) to the moderators to ask for a new invite.