Is farming viable?


Resurrecting this thread, but there is now an “official” answer to the OP that the coin price will not be tied directly to storage, but will be a true supply/demand resource:


i was talking about the data of the users, again if everyone stores their data on the cloud (or the SAFENetwork) then there is no incentive to pay for larger HDDs other than to use it for SAFENet farming, thus there will be no “spare” HDD space.

Also there is no “free” HDD space you have to pay for that in any case.


I agree with what you are saying, but if SAFENetwork is so successful that people no longer buy storage for their devices, it seems beyond the scope of what we can prevent. If storage itself becomes very centralised it is impossible to decentralise storage at all.


If people are farming then the natural increase in drive space will see vault sizes increase.

New computers are shipped with new drives and new drives are like 10x the size they were 5 years ago. SSD sizes increasing much faster now.

New mobile devices are shipped with new memory storage chips and they to are increasing in size faster than 10x every 5 years.

So even if people do not buy extra storage for vaults then their spare resources will still be increasing anyhow (collectively speaking). Every computer comes with local storage for the OS, paging files, Apps, etc etc. So even if the user stores everything on the “cloud” there will still be massive increases in spare resources and thus in vaults.

But seriously people will be buying their new computers with the extra storage for the 25$ or maybe 50$ to take advantage of the extra vault size for minimal cost.


Makes sense if you think your Government might at some point make it illegal or prosecute people. I’m mainly an investor so I will be looking at all this from my ivory tower :wink:!