Is Craig Wright Satoshi?

For Bitcoin’s well-being, it seems better to me that Wright would not be Satoshi or one of the Satoshis.
Edit: IMHO Wright being the (main) Satosh is a small possibility among the many, many (endless?) possibilities.

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To me its like if CSW is not satoshi then BSV is a shitcoin… if he proves he is then BSV will pump, but then it’s too late to bet on that, and BSV is still a shitcoin lol. So all possibilities converge on the same conclusion here :slight_smile:

Everyone who owns BSV has an interest in convincing the world that he is Satoshi. Pretty clever.


To believe CW wants to prove he is Satoshi you have to accept some pretty wild things. For example, that he is simultaneously technically very clever and a successful businessman, yet has made a series of ridiculously naive, high profile, failed attempts to prove that he is Satoshi. To me that points in the other direction.

I get why people don’t want such an unlikable person to have been one of the people, or the person behind something most of us here regard as admirable, but that isn’t enough for me to decide one way or another.

As I’ve said, you can make a case for either conclusion IMO, so my mind remains open. I won’t be surprised whichever it resolves to, nor if it is never resolved. I think many would refuse to believe he is Satoshi if he did prove ownership of the keys, not least because they have come out so strongly that he is not.

I think it never being resolved is very likely because whoever does own those keys is not likely to want people to know who they are, whether that is CW or not.

This is one of the very few things we do know about Satoshi - that he went to great lengths to remain anonymous. There’s no reason to think Satoshi would change his mind over that, which suggests that he’d look for ways to throw people of the scent if he was ever suspected. This is why CW being Satoshi seems logically more consistent than the alternative, because of the point I began this reply with.

However, I don’t believe he is or isn’t because I have no need to make that choice.


well he is certainly motivated to see BSV succeed. He wasn’t like I know I am satoshi so I will just make a new crypto with merits so strong people will adopt it, and not worry about claiming something unprovable. Instead he has framed it as BSV is good because I am satoshi. He kinda threw his chips on that bet, which doesn’t make sense to me if his plan was to have people be convinced he is not satoshi.

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Well thought out @happybeing, you’re using your brain and not getting emotional.

Do the non believers here have any idea how much money is backing CSW, nChain, Coingeek, Taal and BSV? You realize these people have seen CSW sign? You realize these people aren’t idiots?

How many signals do you need? Why would CSW initiate all these libel lawsuits? Peter McCormack in the UK - CSW has to prove he is Satoshi. CSW is choosing to prove his identity through the courts, wouldn’t you if you despised the ‘code is law’ mentality?

Loving the conversation here, it’s always great to catch other peoples take on the world. Please understand that I’m not trying to be rude or upset anyone, simply want to get my worldview as true as possible.

Ya he has Calvin Ayre backing him… a man who made his fortune though online casinos. To me that’s a big red flag actually. This guy is not about helping everyone win by creating value. He is about making zero sum games and playing as the house. His involvement reduces my trust.

Perhaps because it is part of his act. A lot of people don’t think in terms of innocent until proven guilty. They just see lawsuit and assume the plantif must be telling the truth.

You think Jordan Peterson is an idiot?!

I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye!

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I do mate, I do. And that Wright is a fraud. Yup.

Yep but he has made a mint from being a fraud


Is that not the typical reason for such.

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And we are almost at February. Wright supposedly got his keys back at the beginning of the month. Has he shown that in fact he has them yet?


I wonder who is the most likely candidate in the UK to be Satoshi Nakamoto… Is “The Times” distributed to Ayr? lol


Dan Penya, the wealthy American investor now living in Scotland, stated in a podcast that he knows who “Satoshi Nakamoto” is and that bitcoin would crash to zero if the public ever learned the origins. Can’t find the link now…

So we should be grateful to him for not saying it in public :wink: Some people love the attention…


I suspect that he has also invested in BTC while on the hunt forquick profits.

Craig Wright. Accept it. And he lives in the UK

CW in the UK? I thought he was one of us nutty Aussie’s! Or did he escape our island asylum?

Personally I think Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is Satoshi Nakamoto. His denial of it is meaningless and the data points mostly fit.

I’d never heard of this guy. He has a castle in Angus. This is not as impressive as it sounds though…

The fail is strong with you.
Faketoshi is Australian, what the hell are you talking about.