Is Craig Wright Satoshi?

Concerning Nigerian scammers. It could very well be that a lot of scammers pretend to be Nigerian, but are not. That way you also filter out people who have heard about Nigerian scammers and are less likely to fall for that.
@happybeing Agree to disagree (but without absolute certainty :wink: ). I hope to find a Youtube poker clip with reverse psychology *3 or *4 in action.

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The principles are similar and it can be adapted everywhere.
Trump has been using this same strategy for their fanbase.
Outrageous claims, crass remarks, attacking veterans and disabled, making unsubstantiated ridiculous claims, perpetually rejecting easily provable facts, ignoring common knowledge, and tons of misspellings, etc… those who have just a bit of decency and critical thinking can immediately feel that this guy is a loose cannon.

But not those who keep supporting them, and Trump is sucking them dry with the donations for “turning around the elections”.
This is the Nigerian email incarnate.

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If I try to claim to be satoshi but then fail in all ways to verify the claim would that make you think I am MORE likely to be satoshi? Or does this only apply to CW? If so why?

You don’t make it into consideration because there’s no reason to think you are anything but a crank. There are a few things about CW that bring him into the possible candidates regardless of whether he’d made the claims, so there needs to be something other than your claim to bring you into consideration.

I make the judgement over time, so I don’t think its possible to answer granular questions like this without having a detailed audit over evidence and reasoning.

The discussion has served its purpose for me though. My conclusion is that when asked about this topic few people present reasoned answers that suggest the strength of their belief is based on reason. I don’t know why that is, but it looks to me like people base strong beliefs on other factors than the way I try to evaluation these things myself.

I’m going to leave the discussion now as I’ve spent enough time exploring the question of what people believe and why.

lol well if you ask me CW is a crank :stuck_out_tongue: but I think I get your meaning. I have not demonstrated like computer programming skills. ok fair enough. So lets say a random person with the technical ability to write the code for bitcoin says they are satoshi you not only immediately believe them, but moreso if they fail at proving it? That’s ok in a very small world but what is your conclusion when you have several possible pretenders to the crown? Personally I think you need to look actual validation not some crazy idea that lack of proof=proof.

That’s not what I said.

well by your method of reasoning I must be satoshi because I claim to be but then demonstrate I am a “crank” to deviously throw you off the scent.

I’ve not said I believe CW is Satoshi.

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FYI: like I already posted 2 years ago, it seems CW also can’t program. At least not very well in C++, what is relevant here.

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lol I must be very mistaken then. I thought your argument was CW is satoshi and purposely fails attempts to verify that to throw people off his trail. What exactly are you contending then?

Lots of people are quite sure, certain in many cases that CW is not Satoshi and one of the first things they often say to back this up is about his repeated failures to prove he Satoshi.

I say that can reasonably be seen as consistent with him being Satoshi, even as evidence supporting that.

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lol … I think you are being trolled @happybeing … you keep trying to get out the door, but then you are goaded back into the convo … :wink:

I don’t think so or I’d leave. People often need things explaining carefully. I often do.


You’re a compassionate person. Much more than me I must admit.

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Hah! Don’t idealise too much, I’m much gentler on the forum now than I used to be :wink:


Actually he made a fool of himself in a bitcoin conference because he was saying technobabble that made no sense at all for anyone with some technical knowledge about bitcoin. It was like watching an episode of CSI:Cyber.
He couldn’t even defend his position and even explain himself, to the point that Buterin thrashed him right there by shouting: “Why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?”
Wright responds with a clarification, suggesting that his claims were misunderstood, but he’s quickly shouted down by Poon. “I wrote the Lightning white paper, I straight-up don’t understand your presentation. I’m sure the rest of the audience does not as well.”
And then there is this thing, this year Wright said he could shut down bitcoin.

The Satoshi I saw in the bitcointalk forums was the typical GNU free software type of guy, valuing the concept of freedom and public domain.
This guy is a patent troll, threatening to license it or “shutting down” bitcoins.

This type of statements continually exposes him as being completely ignorant of the protocol itself.

Edit: This is a nice compilation of events, ordered chronologically. So you can see the whole picture:


Has he paid his tax yet?

What is it with some residents of Oz and a pathological resistance to pay their share to the society that nurtures them?

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Another court case, this one in UK.

Australian man Craig Wright’s claim he invented bitcoin to be considered by UK court | Bitcoin | The Guardian

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Really… as soom as SAFENetwork is released, the sports car of the crypto world…

Craig Wright - Will be the man who is still trying to convince people he invented the horse and cart,
which we all know he didn’t.

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It’s more of a sport in Australia. See what you can get away with while the Government gives the big corporations all the tax breaks they can dream up