Is Craig Wright Satoshi?

wow craig wrights latest scam sure has BSV pumping. I am deff building a short on this!


It always surprises me how many real people have been socially engineered into thinking CSW is a fraud :joy:.
It’s a constant reminder for me to do thorough due diligence.

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That’s all it is. He still hasn’t come up with the keys, because he can’t. But he will make millions out o f the pump

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I only half heartedly follow the wright show but did the courts not just rule that he does not owe Ira 50% of the trust and that he only needs to pay their legal fees of 600K.
Coincidence that he then suddenly gets the keys he was so unsure would arrive. :rofl:
Basically has no need to “prove” he has the keys because he does not need to split the money.

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I think the opposite is what is happening. The judge has given him till Feb 3 and the 50% share is still on foot.

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Damn I wish I could find the link but I read a couple of days ago that a new judge overturned the ruling that he needs to split it and only owes legal fees.
Anyhow dont want to spend to much effort on this guy.

Edit. Effort spent to avoid blurting stuff without links. :rofl:

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All he has to do is spend/move just pennies worth of bitcoin which will take a moment.
Instead he sounds like some sort of infomercial sales guy that’s just not getting to the point of his sales banter.

Wait… before we get to the keys… there’s more…

Isn’t wasting court time a criminal offence. It’s so easy to prove that if the hasn’t by now he should be find and or imprisoned.

What is this bad excuse of an infomercial host actually selling?

Could this be a massive ruse to temp the real Satoshi out… so that the origional stack of bitcoin can be liberated and have freedom installed by the USA?

All that digital gold.

If I were the real satoshi I would keep quiet, and burn all origional keys.

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Interesting, seems I have the minority opinion in here. Irrespective, I would encourage people to keep an open mind on the Satoshi issue. The implications will be more substantial than you probably think.


It’s a massive case of emperor new clothes and full of smoke and mirrors.
That article is overly aggressive and rude to the reader.

Questions the ability of anyone to put forward and argument:

To close the CSW issue, it is unfortunate that I see a number of arguments boil down to: “CSW is a bit of a c***”

Questions the knowledge and insults the readers:

If you have dismissed CSW, it’s clear to me that you haven’t done your research.
You simply have not done your research.

The article does try to use the correct words and template of an argument, premise, blah blah blah… professions wordiness that might convince or sway people not in the know.

The key premise I’m working with is:
“Dr Craig Wright (CSW) has control of the private keys relating to the earliest bitcoin blocks, mined by Satoshi”

Clicked on one of the recommended research articles, as soon as I read the following
I mentally vomited a little. If this was true it would have been used in court to verity his claims.

Part of that time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess.

The article tries to align itself with readers who doubt. Looking for common ground.

I get it. The Satoshi issue isn’t clear cut. The context likely goes far deeper than what appears on the surface. CSW’s behaviour is odd to say the least.

The whole circus feels like a cult almost religious. You must believe…
There is a massive dance around one missing massive fact… There are hundreds
of bitcoin users that spend coins and sign transactions each hour with very little effort.
CW has not.

I am very open minded, and completely willing and happy to acknowledge that he has these keys… when he actually spends or signs a document with his private key. Which is entirly the point of cryptography and the bitcoin network he claims to have build. Until that moment it a massive circus full of clowns.
Imagine having to go to court to argue each bitcoin transaction? man… CW doesn’t
trust his own network enough to prove he has the keys — and by that logic BTC should be crashing right now.

I suspect CW has been a naught boy and made some profitable promises on being Satoshi. If he is lying - that will catch up with him in the end.

I don’t want CW anywhere near the SAFENetwork.


Sounds like most BSV people… “obviously you haven’t done your research and I don’t have time to explain how CSW is satoshi cause you just would not understand” lol.

No @Deadloch I haven’t been socially engineered lol. I just have not seen any solid evidence that proves his claim. Neither has an impartial judge of the court. It’s no giant conspiracy against your sacred beliefs.


Wright has forged an email without realizing that cryptographic signatures include a timestamp and thus he was caught. Does that sound like the kind of mistake the person behind bitcoin would make? Case closed.

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What makes you think it was a mistake?

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Dear God, not this… “He’s such a genius that he purposely thwarted his own claim for being Satoshi so that those who really pay attention would realize that his not being able to prove he’s Satoshi is the greatest proof he’s actually Satoshi.” Is that what you meant? Because, that makes no sense.

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What makes you think he wants to be known as Satoshi?

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Round 2, challenge accepted: Nobody suspected he was Satoshi in the first place so he could’ve just kept quiet. Next?

I’m not sure that’s true if you follow the history - my recollection is that he was ‘outed’ as Satoshi early on and since then has made a series of ludicrous easily disproved claims to be Satoshi, at the same time as being placed by circumstantial evidence as someone very close to the start of bitcoin.

I don’t believe he is or he isn’t, I think it is unclear and that both narratives are plausible yet inconclusive.


He wasn’t the only one who was “outed” as Satoshi. People have been guessing around for some time, they picked others before him, none of whom is remembered. He could’ve said “I wish I was” and it would’ve been over forever.

There’s nothing inconclusive about it. He’s either a genius (both about crypto and acting) or he’s an idiot who tries to prove he’s something he isn’t. The odds are so overwhelming for the latter that this discussion is meaningless.

I’ve seen stuff this guy said long before the whole Satoshi debacle broke out. He must’ve been preparing for this act for a long time because he was already saying real stupid things about bitcoin back then. Remember that b.s. about the bitcoin network’s being a Turing-complete computer, for one? Everybody present was like dafuq this clown is talking about… Kinda like a Jordan Peterson piece, where you’ll have to either face the fact guy is an idiot or pretend “it all must make sense on some higher plane I can’t comprehend” lmao.

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I recommend holding multiple possibilities rather than choosing one possibility and identifying with it. You can still act on your chosen option, but if new evidence arises it’s then much easier to assimilate it and change course.

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I think him going to court to try and prove he is Satoshi might be a hint.


I don’t know, man. That’s a very radical way of thinking about it. You gotta keep your mind open.

On a second thought, I politely refuse.

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