Is bitcoin splitting again?

Is there going to be another bloodath? I read in some blogs that we might see another hard fork in 3 months.


Most likely by the look of things… B2X or some such. Basically just BTC with segwit and 2MB blocks. BCH/BCC still won’t have segwit, but has 8MB blocks, so really there’s seems more chance that this time a chain might die off when it splits. There’s not much difference between these two versions except one of them adheres to the NY agreement and the other doesn’t. From what I understand it seems quite possible we end up with one chain surviving this time, so BTC could end up with segwit and 2MB blocks, despite core’s best efforts to stop it. Given those two choices I’d choose 2MB anyway. I read something about Core trying to manipulate it by updating the core client to refuse blocks over 1mb… or something like that anyway. God knows what will end up happening, it’s always hard to predict BTC.

I guess all will become clearer as we get closer to the time. At the moment my money is on a single chain surviving this. I can’t see a market developing for both products with so little to differentiate them. 1MB blocks is at another technical disadvantage too I think, although I can’t remember what it was. Anyway, yeah, I suspect only B2X will survive and so it will still be BTC, but where most of us said we wanted it to be last year - with segwit and 2MB blocks.

If that is the result then I wonder what will happen to the dominance ratio and price of BTC for the month or two following the chain-split?


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