Is 'App' the right lingo for SAFE?


This one is great, Good work.
Like the acronym too!



From little things big things grow and their autonomous


Now that is divisive :wink:


This is fun. I think it will be difficult to shake the term apps though.

How about Sapps? Going for the sapling angle, a thing growing out of a sea of data? Comfortably close to the apps name.

Anything we can borrow from the plant world? How about physics? The universe is fundamentally information.

Parts? Short for particles?
Elms… Elements?

How about something mystical. Spells? Programs are a bunch of precisely set words that need to be cast just right. Harry potter fans would love that… Imagine… “Have you tried the latest messaging spell?”

Definition of spell:

1 : a state of enchantment
2 : a strong compelling influence or attraction

I think these are appropriate for the SAFENet.

Mobile apps:. Pocket spells
Websites: portal spells


safe apps = sapps => saplings is probably best for a lot of people if you want to
appeal to what is familiar. Not that I think we necessarily need to if the right “app-killer” term is identified.

I think spells is fun, ie. “safe spells”. But it might only appeal to
the MMORPG, “dungeons and dragons”, “lord of the rings”, or “harry potter” fans.
Anyone remember “Conan the Barbarian”?

Looking at gizmo made me think he was kind of a cute and safe little “elf”.
So you could have a “self”,“selfs” or “selvs”, but that collides with the common coin of phrase for “taking a selfie”… The “safe self” kind of plays on the idea of “self driving” or “autonomous” network. “SELF” or “SELFS” would need to have a good technical acronym though…


Programs are services that run on the network and we should call them that. This works nicely because the whole idea of the safe network is that the internet should serve the user, that users are the beating heart of the network, and that the network sustains itself on users. The users/developers/service creators are the network. So if something wants to run on the safe network, it needs to serve the user.

When you log into the authenticator, one of the screens you can look at is the “Safe Services” screen. Each service can call itself whatever it wants. The users can call them what they want. But on a fundamental level, what each program on the safe network does is provide a service.

And that’s what language is all about. It helps us describe and interact with the world we live in. Safe is trying to get away from the user-as-a-product model of the current internet. The terminology should reflect that.

A few extra letters with autocomplete is trivial.

My only concern is that people might shorten safe service to SS, which. Uh. Yeah.

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I ship it! Unless you’re Batman. Batman doesn’t do “ships.”

Ogres have layers.

For myself, I would think of Apps as microorganisms that move between layers of the system and eat up & process raw materials (data) in order to perform a desired function.

Therefore, some permutation of “Safe Cells” would be both fitting and pleasing, but then again, I’m simply a geek who likes science. and memes


I guess I never saw anything wrong with using the word “Apps” when we’ve been talking about SAFE software and services all along.

I still also think SApps (SAFE Apps) are kinda a cool unique term if we need one; devs just need to make sure not to make any “poor SApps” though :joy:


[WARNING. Windows user’s opinion ahead.]
I think many people (myself included) simply dislike the association with the ubiquitous Apple/Google/Win10 Appstore concept, which feels fun, but also patronizing, controlling, or not technically competent/advanced at times. Programs, Tools, Utilities, etc. sound more useful to the target crowd at this point, as Safe is not likely to be adopted quickly by non-techies or people who just want it to be and look fun.


That was similar to what I was thinking @p.o.f, in addition to the fact that since SAFE network is such an innovative project, it seems only right for it to have a unique rebrand of the common ‘App’ term used by Goliath and his army. It’s also another way to easily differentiate things for the non techies.


I like that actually. It rolls of the tounge well. SaPPS. Just like an app but safe.


Just leaving this here…



Well, the store doesn’t have to be mandatory for developers to use, and there can be alternative stores (like F-Droid on Android). I, for one, would find a SAFE Store really useful, because it is a relatively reliable/somewhat curated list of apps that use the SAFE Network, and can provide me with updates without me having to look out for them.

Another advantage of a store is that we could “nudge” the kind of apps that get developed in a direction of the sort of quality that we want to encourage. For example, an app that is completely Open Source would be promoted 15% more (arbitrary number) than an app that is closed source. This way, Open Source applications are not only nice to have (from the devs perspective) but actually something that they want, because it gives them additional publicity and thus revenue.