Is 'App' the right lingo for SAFE?

  • Safe Views ? Safe Vis? Safe Vues ? Safe Vusers?
  • Safe Vies ? Safe Vise ?
  • Safe Vice ? (Short for “Safe Service”)
  • Safe Sight? Safe Sights? Safe Sigs?

vis a vis

  • Safe Visas ? (No matter where you come from, you get a visa to enter Safe network.)
  • Safe Visavis ?
  • Safe Savies ? :grin:
  • Safe Savos? (“Hey look kids, it’s Savo the clown!”)

Are you Safe N’ Savvy?

  • Safe Savy?
  • Safe Savants? (Get it, safe smart “ants”? :wink:)
  • Safe Sava? (Like java, but safe and secure.)

“Safe Sigs” could be short for Sight or Signed or Signatures? Like an authentic or signed app with a view to data? Savy or savant from the french savoir or “to know”.

“Mommy, what’s not to like about Davie’s Safe Savies?”
“Hmphf, why should you use a silly app when you can trust a Safe Savant?”

I’m liking safelet more and more. A safelet like a bracelet for getting into the SAFE network the same way they do it at amusement parks. The kind of bracelet that has star charms, peace symbols, butterflies, flowers, and bunnies… worn by a cat riding a unicorn while shooting rainbows from it’s 24k diamond studded claws, but shinier.

Officially the term would be a “Safe Let” or a bunch of “Safe Lets” referring to Letters in code, or the nature of the network requiring payment for PUTs, or the fact that you need some Lets to get your GETs, or simply the way the term will be used normally by typical users as in “C’mon yall, Let’s all explore the SAFE Network!” However, all the cool kids would know they’re just cute little safelets and sticking the two words into one is how we’ll be able to secretly identify forum members in public far into the future.


oh - right - we’re replacing the app xD works for me

ps: damn - and with a safelet-bracelet and a not perfectly suitable for work picture it works too xD


Let’s be Safe, bro. Try "Safe : Let’s pandemonium."
And by the way, your idea is taken since 1/2^32 safecoin = 1 panda :grin:

  • “SAFE : Let’s get together and put something beyond the clouds.”
  • “SAFE : Let’s get together and put ourselves above the clouds.”
  • “SAFE : Let’s get together and put people above and beyond the clouds.”


I was thinking along these lines myself. To me the name has to be an active word, suggesting movement which might be translation and/or navigation between data. Way or something like path work for me as they seem to suit the shift in focus towards data:

Of course, there will be issues with existing use:- Safeway (in the US, Australia) and path may already be in use.

I also like means and factor for the same reasons. Gimmick is fun, maybe too much so.


ps: and for non-dr-who-fans - that on the picture is pandoras box - not a safe ^^ :wink:


I’m not sure if I like it better with our without the hyphen.

Now for an acronym?

  • SAFE LETs : SAFE [L]earned [E]nough [T]rick[s] ?
  • SAFE LETs : SAFE [L]oves [E]ating [T]reat[s] ?
  • SAFE LETs : SAFE [L]ikable and [E]volving [T]echnologie[s]


life eroding technology :laughing:

life enabling technology


Beautiful! I’ll put it the plural form in a fancy bullet item to take up 20 chars.

  • SAFE LETs : SAFE [L]ife [E]nabling [T]echnologie[s]

EDIT: Depending on your pronunciation…

image source: wikimedia commons.


Just for fun @riddim inspired me to play around with a few more graphics…

Image source: wikimedia commons

Image source: wikimedia commons


Some “noun” info on Lets per the Safelets suggestion from

Apps written as Safelets permit these Apps to Link Exclusively To SAFE Network “LETS”

App2Safelet Conversion/Porting tools for Legacy Apps would be needed to ease the transition from Client/server code in Java for instance, or from a LAMP or MEAN setup to a P2P SAFElets Powered Solution on the SAFE Network in order to attract as many developers as possible.

to take the exclusive definition a bit further a synonym for exclusive is also “private”

The info below: Let

Synonyms Word Origin
See more synonyms on
verb (used with object), let, letting.
to allow or permit:
to let him escape.
to allow to pass, go, or come:
to let us through.
to grant the occupancy or use of (land, buildings, rooms, space, etc., or movable property) for rent or hire (sometimes followed by out).
to contract or assign for performance, usually under a contract:
to let work to a carpenter.
to cause to; make:
to let one know the truth.
(used in the imperative as an auxiliary expressive of a request, command, warning, suggestion, etc.):
Let me see. Let us go. Just let them try it!


Maidlets? Kidding.

Although it didn’t happen in your original thread, I’m starting to think you are getting close to a good “MaidTalk” phrase via LETs aka SAFE LETS aka Safelets aka safelets . The same kind of diminutive term can be made with safelings, but I like safelets a lot better, especially considering the dictionary definition. One thing that a LET or safelet also does for me is that it follows the same 3 letter / 4 letter plural format that app/apps does. It also kind of plays with the ability to have a theme around PUT/GET/LET/LUT… for the computer geeks in us.

Three letter words ending in ‘t’ :
act aft ant apt art bat bet bit but cat cot cut dot eat fat fit get got gut hat het hit hot hut jet jot jut kit let lit lot mat met net nit not nut oat oft opt out pat pet pit pot put rat rot rut sat set sit sot tet tot vat vet wet wit yet zit

Out of these I like: act, bit, kit, lot, let, opt, set, wit
But ‘bit’ is too trendy and ‘kit’ too british. Safelot is for king Arthur, and ‘safe sets’ can’t be said too quickly. Safewit sounds too much like segwit or halfwit. Safelet, safelets, or SAFE LETS sounds and looks much better than the other options. Reversing the order of the letters gives you SafeTel or Safe-tel, thereby referring to traditional telecommunications or intel… only safer.


While I understand the desire to differentiate from the term “App”, perhaps using said term would help marketing initially due to its familiarity to the masses. People like a little familiar with their change. Makes it easier to accept.

Then, once the targeted growth has been reached, SafeLets is catchy. I also like SafeTees.


@hirozarf : I don’t think it really matters what we call them when it comes to bringing in the masses, it just needs to be short and sweet and easy to get the meaning. The masses will come for the communications or data security and data safeness/resiliency that is offered.

I was hesitant about safelets at first because it was so similar to DO droplets, but I do like it a lot. I just realized that safelet might sound so good because it rhymes with chocolate…
In addition to 2 safelets and 3 safelings, I’d like one large coffee and a dozen “safekins” please.

I know not all of these are relevant, but here are the fun diminutives with or without the hyphen.

  • safe-let(s)
  • safe-ock(s) … (Don’t say this one five-times-fast.)
  • saf-ie(s), safe-sie(s), safe-tie(s)
  • safe-ling(s), safe-lin … (Like duckling, goblin, or marlin)
  • safe-kin(s)
  • safe-ster(s) … (Think ganster or monster, could also be -stir as in ‘stirring the data soup to see what you get’.)
  • safe-ish
  • safe-ini, safe-ino

Combine a few together you get to…

  • safe-loct(s) (I know, I keep getting stuck on ‘lock,loc,lok’ for some reason. If you don’t like the imagery of a scottish lake full of swimmy safelings or safelets, then think Sherlock the detective, wedlock, or hillock, or a safe with a lock on it at some special hidden location.)
  • safe-lish (Think tickling or ticklish.)
  • safe-lini, safe-lino, safe-roni
  • safe-ting (From letting or alternate spelling of thing or “sifting”. Also makes me think of friendly pet monsters, like swamp-thing or safe-n-stein…)

The more I look at this the more I see that the short 3 letter words roll off the tongue the best, maybe because of ‘app’ being burned into the side of my brain over the years. Graphically, writing out the plural form works well too because you and up with four letters to balance ‘SAFE’ in a symetrical manner. There is a list of “all” three letter words here.

Scanning through I see few fun ones in addition to ‘let’ for safelet … not sure if I like any of them as much though … :

  • safe-ado
  • safe-ago
  • safe-aye(s), safe-eye(s)
  • safe-bee (need to be careful with this one)
  • safe-bin(s) … (Play on words with waste-bin, paste-bin, and computer program binaries)
  • safe-bib(s) … ( So you don’t get messy when slurping up data chunks. Bib refers to books too…)
  • safe-box … (Simple, sounds like the diminutive ‘-oct(s)’, don’t be seedy now… )
  • safe-can(s) … (“SAFE can do it all.”)
  • safe-com(s)
  • safe-cup(s)
  • safe-cue, safe-kue … ( Don’t say these too fast either…)
  • safe-got … (Got SAFE?)
  • safe-hop(s) … (Similar to the ops or opts mentioned before, but prettier and cute. Beer?)
  • safe-jot(s)
  • safe-nan … (Common bread, not a number for the computer geeks, or a nanny that is helpful.)
  • safe-net(s) … (Superfluous, but net is a three letter word like let.)
  • safe-pod(s) … (Already used by marketing for the global safe pods… it is a good one.)
  • safe-pub(s)
  • safe-lam(s), safe-lum(s) … (Like bedlam or hoodlum.)
  • safe-lib(s)
  • safe-lit(s) … (To illuminate, literary.)
  • safe-rig … (Just don’t say it too fast.)
  • safe-sed(s) … ( Play on words from MaidTalk via alternate spelling of ‘said’, sed is also a prefix in
    ’sediment’ or grains of sand, as in granularity being the “SOLID” version of a ‘droplet’, probably too much like the linux terminal program.)
  • safe-sud(s) … (Not necessarily a droplet, but one of a bunch of foaming bubbles)
  • safe-tee, safe-dee(s) … (Sounds like safety. The name of the letter ‘d’ in dirvine.)
  • safe-war(s) … (Not the nicest marketing term… a short form of safeware as in software?)
  • safe-wee … (You tell me. In Scotland it means tiny/miniscule/diminutive right?)
  • safe-woo … (Persuasion to enter into SAFE?)
  • safe-who … (What happens when The Doctor is in his tardis.)
  • safe-why … (Because we can.)
  • safe-you … (What happens when You are in the SAFE Network.)

EDIT: And of course we will always have ant. There are also related terms in the code to “infant” so now I’m thinking about “infinite - ants”? You would call them an inf, or infs. Similar geek factor to Nan. Then there are safe-imps. The magnanimous safe-infs often have safewar with the safe-imps, those evil safekins of safelings.


Another avenue is to use ‘safe’ at the end of the word. Makes it less noun like, but be interested to know if it can be useful, if not for this.


How about MAID at the end?
Like MerMaid ? :slight_smile:

-mer also makes me think of telomere, the things supposedly used for immortalizing our biological data.
but the pleural sounds like mersa. :frowning:

I’ve often thought that a fun name for programs on the SAFE network would be a ‘made’ or ‘maid’ in order to keep a connection to the origin story. A “safe-made” or “safe-maid” instead of ‘safe-bot’. Ends up sounding a little too much like maid-talk though…


Another angle could be to come up with something that evokes imagery associated with their decentralised, nature. When I began trying to wrap my head around structuring networks with XOR it seemed to evoke stuff I’d read about different visualisations associated with the idea around indra’s pearls so maybe something like a ‘pearl’ or ‘droplet’ or some other reflective type of ‘jewel’ reflecting all others on the vast shimmering SAFE net. Then again maybe religious metaphors, that can be divisive, are best left out of it!

In the heaven of the great god Indra is said to be a vast and shimmering net, finer than a spider’s web, stretching to the outermost reaches of space. Strung at each intersection of its diaphanous threads is a reflecting pearl. Since the net is infinite in extent, the pearls are infinite in number. In the glistening surface of each pearl are reflected all the other pearls, even those in the furthest corners of the heavens. In each reflection, again are reflected all the infinitely many other pearls, so that by this process, reflections of reflections continue without end.

Another angle could be names found in nature to evoke a sense of how the parts work together in an interconnected dance to find the best collaborative results. Maybe words around the individual parts of a whole self contained eco system, using ant colonies or other natural eco systems as metaphors for where the whole ends up greater than the sum of the parts.


Image source : doodlewash CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

  • Safe Gizmo : A cute gadget that is easy to use and hard to break; yet if it does it still keeps its users safe and secure.
  • Gizmo Safe : A level of safeness that it only attainable by the very skilled and very clever. (For @happybeing)
  • "Safelins : powered by Gizmo and running on the SAFE Network.

Also @happybeing liked “gears” and a gear goes in a mechanism or some other random gizmo.

FYI - Mogwai is also a Scottish post-rock band. I have no idea how good their music is.


That image reminds me of the adverts for those horror films. :open_mouth::open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This isn’t an app-killer term but I thought it would be a fun one to share. When I came home yesterday the kids had some school work and library books on the table. One caught my eye leading to a three letter word… OSO, for “safeoso”. Kind of like a virtuoso for the SAFE network.

“Oh-So Good?” Not really I suppose but maybe OSO could stand for something, like or “Only SAFE Objects” or “On SAFE Only”. Or maybe it’s another case of having the word safe come second, such as “This safelet is oso-safe.” For some geek factor, it sounds like downloading an ISO. The other one in the same moment was “see” or “sees” so a different spelling of what was mentioned before via “safesee(s)”… not the best but at least they are three letters…

Edit: Also, if we’re fine with four letter words, then you would have a safe and secure acronym for some programs that are just “SoSo(s)” :grin:


Cool name cool graphic.