Is anyone else having problems with Omniwallet?

Trying it now and one minute later it still just says “Loading…” after signing in (Chrome)

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Can’t wait to be rid of Omni…
Anyway, run Omni Core and you won’t have to worry about it.


Lol, one minute isn’t that bad. I’ve been trying all day. I wanted to sell some coins when the price was 0.000238. Argh!

Thanks! I’ll look into that.

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Its still “Loading…” some 15 minutes later now. <— just confirming its a widespread problem


Something is slowing down the site. Would love to know why. I opened a support ticket on Omni desk and received a response from Adam of Omni that they are looking into it, that was a couple of days ago. I haven’t heard anything back yet./// Everything loads it just takes 20 or 30 minutes at the moment.

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That’s not good… What happens if omni wallet goes down?

We all lose maidsafecoins?!?!

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There’s no reason to think any MaidSafecoin are at risk.

They are recorded on the blockchain, so even without OmniWallet a system could be coded to allow the owner of those coins to sign them over to their Safecoin wallet on SAFEnetwork.


That’s if you have backed up your wallet in the first place.
I mean, some people are using omniwallet but have never backed it up. They don’t have their private keys. Or they think their passphrase is their private key, which is not right.


First rule of cryptocurrency club:

  • If you don’t have your private keys, you don’t have your coins.

From Adam at Omni in regards to the sluggishness…

“Yes we are working on it now. Right now it appears the initial login is taking several minutes to complete”

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Omni is a protocol, independent of a web wallet implementing that protocol. Omni core client would still be working right now, despite the web wallet issues.

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This cannot be repeated enough. Having your private keys at hand makes Omniwallet going permanently offline an annoyance, but you will always have your coins. Always. This is VERY different from an account in a bank where is counterparty risk, bail in risk, government confiscation risk, being part of a debt based ponzi scheme risk, etc. Also it is very different from cash in a matress, that can get lost when the house burns down. There are several risks with crypto too, but I wanted to emphasize why your private key is important. It’s why you joined the crypto community, after all, right? To be your own bank, cut out all the middle men that take a slice of your pie, and get rid of several counterparty risks.

Not having your private key makes your move to crypto kinda useless, if I may be so straightforward…


Is the private key same as the omniwallet passphase?

If you go to the overview page on Omniwallet and select the backup wallet option you will recieve the private keys as a json file.


Update from omni,

Adam wrote:

“We’ve pushed some updates this morning that should improve the overall performance of loading wallets.”


I’m having this problem today. No way on earth to log in from any browser.

I just logged in no problem, last night they were down for me.

Strange. I tried again and sent am email to OW support but it’s not working yet.

I think they were deploying an update. Last night the site gave errors for a while, but today it’s working fine. Performance has dramatically improved too.