Is anybody preparing a YOUTUBE-like platform on SAFE already, or a twitter?

Is anybody preparing a YOUTUBE-like platform on SAFE already, or a twitter?


Youtube like platform will be very easy to implement. No need to hurry on this. Youtube is about huge storage and traffic. The rest is simple. Safenet solves hardware scaling out of the box. So the rest is simple. Anybody can create youtube like service in days/weeks.


You should also check out Patter, which is an app concept that shows how you could do about making something like Twitter.

It’ll be very very powerful having social networking and publishing combined with Linked Data and SafeIDs (aka WebIDs). Here’s a video from a while back when @bochaco and @joshuef touch on it:


powerful…yes…vital, I’d say. These are the things which will draw the layman users to the network.


It cannot come soon enough.

There are many youtubers who are already posing on alternate sites, but SAFENetwork is the ideal solution.

Here is one example.

I really admire this guy. He is fighting for the right to repair and taking the fight to hearings. What a guy. An ordinary businessmen to has turned in to an extraordinary person.

Apple don’t like his repair videos .

I don’t want to see then taken down.


This is, in large part, why my family has boycotted Apple/MacIntosh for decades. My dad recognized their tactics when I was in elementary school 35+ years ago.

Ultimately, it’s probably the impetus for my interest in the SAFE project.


Sorry, this is off-topic, but I’m reminiscing after having a few brews.

It’s kind of funny, really. I’m about as layman as a son of a relatively early software developer can be, but things stick (referring to a penchant for open-source, decentralized philosophy). I remember 5 inch UNIX floppy discs and later Free-BSD CDs lying around the house. My brothers first learned how to “code” on Atari-400’s, and I played Amiga (even pre-Commodore) video games a decade ahead of their time.

And so it occurs to me that I should really introduce my dad to SAFE. I think it’s right up his alley, and he may even want to help out. He’s retired now, but even has software he’s written on the Mars Rover.


Right now SAFE network do not have needed parts to implement YouTube analogue.
Such service needs notification system, when user can watch if some data is changed, also trusted remote computing is needed (without it, users will abuse mechanics of website).
Processing of massive data amount also can be a problem. For example, user needs to search some video. Iterating over millions of objects is not an option, alternative solutions can be hard to implement with SAFE.

If developer will adapt YouTube-like site to properties of SAFE network, this site may work. But it definetely will have too much differences to classical approach. Also no one knows about how exactly such adaptation can be made.
So for now we can just wait. After SAFE features will be tested and explored, it will be possible to think how to use them.


I’ve said elsewhere that I would think the youtube app would be one that makes a personal youtube for the person/account.

Allowing uploads, lists, etc to be made easily.
providing searching of other people’s youtubes
filtering and selection criteria.

Basically its a personal video/media curator and provides mechanisms for searching by other people. Obviously there needs to be other features (stats, tipping, etc) to it, but that is essentially the basis. Pay the Provider would help with people who only view and not tip etc, but too many people resist it. Although PtP would be a huge incentive for people to use SAFE for youtube and bring in the people to use SAFE (ie increase adoption)


How huge? I’m skeptical about this, unless the sponsors are on-board…with respect to the “influencers” of course.

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It would be a small amount by any standards but it means the people are getting something for putting up decent content people want to view. If the average Joe gets nothing for their video from tipping then they will make a choice between good content or average content because of time, effort etc.

Now if the average joe/mary sees that they receive something for providing good content above average (good enough) content then the encouragement is there to do good content.

Doing good content attracts people to use SAFE for their video consumption

Now the other side of the coin is that the bigger content creators who see that they can earn something by providing good content on SAFE without pushing people as much to donate then it will have a positive attraction force to encourage them to at least put content on SAFE

Maybe it can be phased out over time if other mechanisms can provide better or when adoption of SAFE means it is not needed anymore.

Basically it makes SAFE more attractive to content creators who make content millions of people watch. And of course this attracts the millions to use SAFE and adoption increases.

There are a few videos on youtube with 1000 million views or more. Imagine that the creators/providers put more that sort of content onto SAFE because they can make something just for people viewing without any adverts to detract from the content.

One thing that the youtube APP could include, with or without PtP is a tipping button, or automatic tipping when one rates a video. Maybe even a “join” system where the APP will give some safecoin automatically on some regular basic for you. whatever works for the users.

PtP though is not a be all end all thing but something to help attract, or sweeten the deal for quality creators/providers to adopt SAFE as one way to spread their content.

Obviously there are ways to game it, but in the end the gain from gaming is not great enough to waste the resources to do it, some will of course.


safegithub would be much more urgent in my opinion since github is acquired by evil MS.


Ok, I’m taking your entire post in, and will respond to it, but I wanted to isolate this point here as it applies to my point. 1. There are a VERY few, relatively speaking, videos like this. 2. The people who make these videos LOVE the adverts…because, money. 3. The people who make this content ALREADY attract millions, it’s the entire reason the adverts actually make them money. 4. My brother is a pretty good musician. Does a pretty good version of Billie Jean in the style of Chris Cornell (and himself). But he is one in a thousand or more. Doesn’t get a lot of views. What changes for him? He’s putting out the best content he possibly can. 5. I could very well be missing the vision, but I just don’t see how the youtube/social media platforms change at all, and SAFE needs something comparable, at least, and likely superior.

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I think a big hurdle for any social media type site on SAFE is moderation. When I’m browsing youtube I am fairly certain I won’t come across anything illegal or NSFW, and if I were to use a similar site on SAFE I would expect the same (or at the very least to be able to filter that out).


You’ve just explained that the existing model does not work for most, it works for a very small percentage (YouTube or music industry in general).

That’s one good one reason for your brother and others to try this, or more likely, to work together to create something that works better for all.

There’s plenty of money in these industries, the problem is how that income gets distributed.

PtP is one model that will be and available to everyone with no strings and no setup costs. But there will be lots of innovation based on SAFE, and many ways to generate income independently or by grouping together.

Some will choose ads, but given SAFE puts choice in the hands of creators and consumers, all these models have to deliver to both or they will die.

Monopoly is what prevents this elsewhere, monopoly which uses money to control the industry and the laws which govern it, all of which turns to ashes on SAFE.

The only monopoly on SAFE will be of the output of the creator, which they can sell if they wish, but I’m hopeful it will be unattractive and unnecessary to do so when there are so many alternative opportunities available through SAFE.


Moderation can be bought as a service supported by micropaynents, subscription etc, for those who want it.


safeTube, may be heavily moderately.
safeVideos, may not be moderated at all.
safeClips, somewhere in the middle.

I can share my video on all of them if I choose and you can choose which you wish to view it on.


That’s a fair point. But it seems to me a very difficult economy to navigate. OK, it may benefit people like my brother, maybe. But we can’t forget, either, the people like me, who have no interest in providing content, but thoroughly enjoy the content by SOME of those super providers.

I mean, say what you will about them, but in many circumstances, they are super users because they are highly talented, and they’ve been compensated accordingly (and not just frivolously; lots of good education and scientifically minded users). And that compensation they are already receiving is not going to just go away…

I’m not saying it can’t be done…I just don’t have the vision for it. But then again, if I did, maybe my name would be on par with the Zuckerbergs or Irvines :grinning: of the world.

But I DO think it is a vitally important sector to consider.

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My concern isn’t that it can’t be done, instead it’s that it’s difficult to do well. If someone is developing a youtube like alternative a poorly moderated site could push people away from the platform. I would just hate to see a good service ruined by malicious (or apathetic) people.

I just had a look at and after seeing what they have managed to do I’m pretty impressed. Their app is pretty snazzy too. Maybe it’s not as difficult as I am imagining it to be.

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I think one way to help solve this is be able to trust a content creator and those they have trusted. This way over time you build a network of trusted content creators. You’d be much less likely to run into problematic material if you were operating with in trusted networks of content creators. This avoids centralized curation as well.