IPFS and Filecoin

So in my eyes what IPFS is doing with filecoin is a natural progression to the IPFS system. I’m doing some reading right now on their claims, as they are toting their network is “self healing” etc which sounds very familiar :roll_eyes: as well as PoR (proof of replication) which is like proof of resource.

I’m also curious if anyone here has a deep understanding of these claims and how hard drive space is allocated. Is it automatic as SAFE will be or more like the Storj model? So far it sounds like the latter. I think IPFS is the Safe Networks only real competitor though filecoin is Blockchain based… All this talk of marketing lately, I feel like they are doing a pretty good job, a little hypy and using our buzz words as others have muddied up such as farming rather than mining. Their images on their site that conveys getting paid for hard drive space is neat. Share any relevant thoughts.


They seem to be more driven to a centralised model. I suppose that might help with performance, the centralised providers will have great infrastructure. It doesn’t really seem like it would do much to unlock all of the spare capacity we have in the world though.

If we look ahead a few years it seems likely that our 5G connections and crazy spec devices will dwarf the spare capacity we have now, so I don’t see their centralisation as much of an edge…

Filecoin doesn’t have any utility, just monetary value. No one will bother farming filecoins for a few pennies a week imo. People might be willing to leave their machine or phone on for SAFEcoins they ‘need’ though, particularly if they would otherwise have to ‘buy’ them to get access.

I dunno, I just don’t really find it very compelling. I think Maidsafe have spoiled me a bit, I expect more from big ideas now and filecoin doesn’t excite me on the same level.

I’m sure it will probably shoot to a billion+ cap before it even gets out of the gate - I don’t fancy its chances of being around in 5-10 years though myself, even with a $200M+ budget. I guess time will tell.


It does seem to be more centralized as storage is whomever is closest to the user. I’m still reading but I’m assuming that’s not XOR close as in SAFE. Which is entirely different and more decentralized especially on a global scale, though introduces a bit of latency but as you said 5G and improved infrastructure will solve this.

The utility of filecoin is an interesting thought. It AFAIK is not anonymous, I don’t know what speed, so there it is possibly entirely lacking as a currency but from the sounds of it their Proof of Replication and Proof of SpaceTime are bundled to be basically SAFE’s Proof of Resource. I don’t know about you but I hate copycat BS. Have one original thought for fucks sake. Anyways, it sounds like it is trying to copy SAFE’s economic model but I agree with you that the tech just doesn’t stand up. It’s like IPFS and filecoin are those nice fabric band aids that are durable and stick well but it is only a band aid and not going to fix things like SAFE will.


Do you think we have some spy??

:sweat_smile: . so now we have people stealing ideas of MS. This is cheating man, and i dont like it at all. why the bleep they dont get their own ideas.

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well, with good budget and smart people anything is possible now a days. we shouldnt underestimate anyone. speed up dev’s . Millions of people are counting on you. Stakes are high :grimacing: and dont forget i dont diversify :laughing:

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When Storj was developing wayy before it had launched they were asking all sorts of questions here and I think wanted safe to be a Storj option. The cross pollination was pretty welcome, we missed out on being an option for them up to this point, they may have poached some interest from here also and that’s even okay. So I think IPFS are well aware of SAFE it’s actually too obvious. Their design for checking data availability and the naming of their Proofs are only slightly different and split into two mind you (band aid) because they are not inherently as distributed as SAFE. So competition is good and securing the worlds data is good but as an artist I take issue with the plagiarism


i can only hope you guys are not giving key information to everyone who is asking.

Definitely they are well aware and copying the concept and they are not dumb that they will not change the naming of Proofs. Cant you guys just keep the code and etc stuff really secret so that people cant copy this idea so easily. Competition is good , no doubts , but when you are working on something for a Decade and then some smart ass comes to u , ask u questions or copy your idea somehow and try to implement it. would it feel good? At this point i say the world should know what is SAFE network. And that Safe network is pioneer for this kind of idea. And unfortunately we cant do anything about plagiarism. No copy rights law yet in crypto world so far i think. So when there is no law then there is law of Jungle. whoever is stronger, that one will win.

As just a community member here on this forum, I am a huge supporter of maidsafe and the open source movement. The Maidsafe Foundation holds patents on some of the key defining technologies like self authentication, self encryption, some others I believe. It’s beneficial to have code open so that anyone in the world can audit it and confirm it’s security which is essential for a project such as this to prove its large claims :slight_smile: claims that many believe because all you have to do is look or have someone who knows code to look. It does have its cons as well but maidsafe has time and serious engineering on its side. They are the ones who solve novel problems, a quality they keep moving forward in time that those who copy have never fostered in themselves. When you cheat you only cheat yourself is what I’m saying really haha. Corny I know.


As I understand IPFS works fine for open bazaar and other projects. Battletested out in the wild for month without failing. What I don’t like is that I can not participate in the filecoin ico and have not yet found it traded on the open market.

Is it unfair to claim that IPFS:s filesystem is way way ahead of MS regarding reability?

Can you elaborate - I don’t understand this?

Pardon my English, Reliability

Then no, I don’t know how reliable other projects aim to be, but SAFEnetwork is designed to be inedibly reliable.

Looks like they plan to launch mid 2019.