IOTA vs Maidsafe?

What do you think about IOTA? I dont really understand the technical features (im a beginner) but it looks pretty similar to maid (no blockchain and nodes to verify transactions).

Just wanted to hear opinions from people in the community!

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Maybe any links to the project so people can help you out?

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Hi Melvin, the webpage is this one

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maybe better to link to the whitepaper since the website is hideous.


I read/skimmed the WP (mostly watching France England :slight_smile:) and these things struck me:

  • it is relies to some extent on PoW, which makes me think it will be energy inefficient and /or susceptible to ASIC centralisation. I may be wrong but didn’t see this considered, rebutted etc as I glazed over while equations filled my screen.
  • I didn’t see the whole picture described. How nodes or users (the terms were hard for me to distinguish) acquire tokens from the initial issue, how the ledger is stored (across all nodes?) or even if there is a ledger. I was confused by this did I miss this? What about redundancy, churn, pruning etc?
  • this protocol is said to be implemented by IoT devices, or to be used by IoT devices? This wasn’t clear, but the first two points above seem to suggest it’s not practical for IoT devices to implement so I’m assuming that like SAFE it provides a service that can be used by IoT devices, but if so I don’t understand how.

If anyone has delved deeper and can clarify this or knows a good article that explains the technical basis at a higher level, please post.

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There is also this discussion thread here which has some good replies:

IOTA’s similarity to MAID, SIA, and a couple other other blockchain tech is: **decentralized computing **. Aside from that it seems like IOTA is nothing new in terms of blockchain tech. They’re actually jumping into one of the two saturated blockchain markets, which is decentralized computing.

The main reason why MAID stands out and has greater potential than these similar technologies, is MAID is developing a network with an entire new protocol to build the foundation of the future of the internet. The safe:// protocol is one of a kind and the other techs like SIA and IOTA are only providing an alternative to MAID’s approach to decentralized computation. They are not building a new protocol for the internet, only decentralized storage.

Maybe MAID’s network could even potentially support tech like SIA and IOTA into their network, but honestly they don’t really need to since the safe network will have it’s own decentralized computing.

Overall MAID project is much more massive and farther along in development.

Remember MAID has been around since before bitcoin. David Irvine will see this project through.