Invitation Tokens

Hello all! I am a freelance digital product designer ( and I really like the what you guys are building. Is there any way I could contribute? And also how can I get an invitation token? Thanks!!


Hi @majobalko and welcome to the forum! To receive an invite you need to read a few articles on this forum (1 hour reading time) to reach Level 1 / Basic level. Then you go here to claim it:


Thanks!! Going to check it out today (:wink:

Done and still not working:/ any suggestions?

What’s not working?..

thanks for clarification!

hope to make trust level 1 soon

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You are Trust Level 1 :slight_smile:

thanks for this tips

Oh my godness, I prefer use Chorme incognito mode tan do all of this staff!

This stuff is only required during these early tests.

BTW ‘incognito’ gives you very limited protection, in no way comparable with SAFEnetwork!


Exactly what I am looking for - Thanks!

Thanks for all the clarification :smiley:

So, I need to work to get level 1. thank you.

I’ve managed to lose my login details, I can’t seem to see any way to retrieve them. Any ideas?

Retrieval is not possible but you can create another account with a new token if you ask the @moderators :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll sent a new invite in a PM to you.

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I use a VPN on a daily basis, so my IP address is always changing… Will this impact my usage of the TestNet?

you need to whitelist your ip anyway … and if your ip address changed because of your vpn or because of your isp providers 24h-reconnect … doesn’t make a difference :wink: … you just need to visite if you recognize you have a connection problem (because your ip changed)

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So your saying, yes there will be a problem. My IP changes on a daily basis… So yes it will be a problem, is that correct?